Common Core History

Common Core is a regurgitation of Bloom’s Taxonomy combined with some very clever propaganda interwoven into the fabric of everycourse which embraces social justice, collectivism the eventual deindustrialization of America through the acceptance of climate change theories and the resulting carbon taxes and cap and trade policies which will follow. No teacher and no school board member was asked to […]

Google Takedown Notices Soar Almost 712,000% SInce 2008

A new paper published in the Virginia Journal of Law and Technology shows that the number of DMCA notices received by Google increased 711,887 percent in four years. The increase can be credited to a few copyright holders and industry groups such as the RIAA, who started an avalanche of takedown requests after the SOPA […]


Anonymous Group Leaks Rusian TV’s Propaganda Instructions

  A Russian Internet group called “Anonymous International” has leaked what it claims is a “tyomnik”—a list of prepackaged news stories prepared by the Kremlin for Russia’s central television news stations. The group does not name its source for the document, but the whistleblower says Vladimir Putin’s administration is the author. The tyomnik (see below […]


Youtube/Google Shut Down Anti-Obama Channel

  Mark Dice’s channel shut down days after governments given powers to flag “extremist” content A major anti-Obama YouTube channel with 55 million views was shut down yesterday just days after a new policy went into effect handing governments the power to flag “extremist” content on the video sharing website. Paul Joseph Watson March […]



Another Al Sharpton Video

He doesn’t seem to know what anyone is talking about…    


The Agony of Repeat

MSNBC’s Al Sharpton doesn’t so much analyze President Obama’s speeches as repeat them, a new Washington Free Beacon video shows.   Often on PoliticsNation, Sharpton will play a clip of the president, and then simply rehash, verbatim, whatever Obama just said. As the reverend isn’t particularly regarded for his eloquence, his balance, or any real depth on his program, perhaps […]


The Two Real Parties: The Hamiltonians And The Jeffersonians

The two opposing political philosophies being debated in 2012 can be traced back to George Washington’s presidency.  Alexander Hamilton, Washington’s Secretary of the Treasury and a Federalist,  offered an economic plan that created a centralized bank (First Bank of the United States), imposed trade tariffs and exise taxes, and had the federal government assume all […]


Thinking Correctly About Minimum Wage

Yes, it would be nice if workers could get a few more dollars, but without hurting the economy further. Do voters even think about where their money comes from? I am positive the answer is no. These are the same people who think they’re going to be receiving free healthcare, or that taxing the rich, […]


Autism Rate Rises 30% In Two Years

According to new government figures just released today, autism in the U.S. has increased by a whopping 30% in just two years. The new estimate is that one in every 68 kids in America falls somewhere on the autism spectrum now. Health officials claim that this is not because more kids are autistic these days, […]


Anti-Vaccine Logic

Many doctors, major news outlets, governmental organizations, and many everyday people say that vaccines are safe, effective, and have saved millions of lives. But this proposition does not become true through repetition. And the assertion of an “authority” cannot substitute for factual information to support this conclusion. Through discussing this topic with doctors and others, […]