Study Says Foreign Intervention ‘100 times more likely’ in Oil-Rich Countries

Cutting-edge research from British universities has confirmed a belief long held by conspiracy theorists, realists and hawkish neoconservatives alike: oil drives foreign intervention and war. Foreign governments are 100 times more likely to intervene in civil wars if the troubled state is home to hydrocarbon reserves, according to a new report by academics from the […]


Voluntaryist Anthropology

Libertarians believe a better world is possible. Libertarian anarchists believe the best world is a stateless one; it consists of voluntary societies which would include institutions or customs to prevent and deal with occasional crime. The practical application of voluntaryism – an insistence that all human interaction be voluntary – is the way to get […]


Vaccine-Laced Foods?

With more and more people waking up to the dangers and false claims being made for vaccines today, it is becoming more difficult for the pharmaceutical lobbyists to enact mandatory vaccination laws at the local level. A recent bill in Colorado was defeated when citizens turned out to oppose legislation that would have prohibited vaccine […]

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Fiscal Amnesia

The ones who suffer from this affliction are indoctrinated students from the public education system and folks who just refuse to learn from history. They also make up part of the group I call suicide voters. Fiscal Amnesia symptoms include the denial of past policies that created economic growth, the belief that the policies that worked […]

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Police Harass Young Man In Car in Front Of His House

Hunter Sanders: Video explanation: “So I’m sitting in my car in front of my house drinking a Redbull after I got done working all night. At around 12:30 am august 29th 2014 when the police respond to a call across the street for domestic disturbance (I assume because I heard an argument from their house […]


Policeophobia: Speaking Ill Of NYPD A Hate Crime

The NYPD has now added its name to the roster of Officially Protected Victims by filing “hate crimes” charges against 36-year-old Rosella Best, who had tagged police vehicles and a public school with anti-NYPD graffiti. Among the entirely defensible sentiments inscribed by Best are “NYPD pick on the harmless,” “NYPD pick on the innocent,” and […]

Snowden: “I, an as NSA analyst, sitting at my desk, had the technically authority to wiretap anyone…”