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  • Why Pot Legalization Is A Bad idea
  • Freedom vs. False Security
  • The Illusion of the Government Racket’s Necessity
  • Why a Republic is Inevitably Dangerous
  • Liberty And Freedom Can't Die


Why Pot Legalization Is A Bad idea

People who are for the legalization of marijuana in the United States to to think about it little more. The many groups who fought for and won legalization of their preferred causes over the course of history are nothing more than big government enablers, or statists. I am not anti-pot. I am just a person […]


Freedom vs. False Security

“That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves.” – Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson’s advice applies to today’s society as we transcend into a more authoritarian state.  Every day the government proposes more challenges as they contradict the constitution and attempt to take away our civil liberties for the cause of […]


The Illusion of the Government Racket’s Necessity

I’m sure that those of you who are into politics and really take a “radical” or “extreme” angle have been called either a conspiracy theorist or even a “nut-job” by your typical statist sheep at one time or another. If you haven’t, that’s also okay. Since the beginning of time we can study something or […]

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Why a Republic is Inevitably Dangerous

The general philosophy that has developed in the American experimental civilization has been that of a republican society. This is “small r” republican, a governmental system by which the population gathers to elect a group of rulers to reign over the civilization with the idea that these individuals best control the society. This is falsely […]


Liberty And Freedom Can’t Die

Some people want to elect a Presidential candidate in order to protect their perceived definition of marriage. Some people want the government to take care of their reproductive systems, provide free healthcare, education, housing, food stamps, and birth control. Other folks want our military to bomb villages, schools, and hospitals in other countries so their […]


Why Is Personal Liberty Taboo?

The answer to this question is easy for those who follow this site. For those who don’t, it’s easy to learn why, but… are you willing to wake up? The Constitution is grossly misinterpreted by the establishment. My definition of the establishment is simply those in government, and those in other facets of society who […]

Time To Change Everything

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