The #NeverAgain Gang

We are a week out since the tragic shooting that took place at Stoneman Douglas Highschool in Parkland, FL.  The shooter, Nikolas Cruz, has been captured and the call for gun control has made a massive come back.  Media outlets like CNN seems to be taking the bull by the horns and focusing heavily on the survivors of this tragedy, so much so that I, and many others, have decided to look at these fresh young faces of the #NeverAgain movement.  Needless to say some of the kids that the mainstream is choosing to focus on are pretty interesting indeed.

Just a few disclaimers here before I go on.  I am probably going to say things that make you uncomfortable, and maybe even get you mad.  Just keep in mind before passing judgement, though I will do my best to keep my opinions to myself, these are just the facts that I came up with during my research.  Secondly, don’t expect a final conclusion wrapped up with a pretty bow.  I don’t have answers, only questions, and the more I dig the more questions that come up. My main goal here is for you to start asking these questions to.

So, what happened the day of the shooting?  The simple answer is that a very disturbed teen entered Stone Douglas High at approximately 2:19 and within minutes he had his weapon loaded and began firing on fellow students, killing 17.  At 2:28 he dropped his weapon, blended himself in with some of the kids fleeing the scene and headed to a local Walmart with the crowd.  After the coast was clear he walked himself down to McDonalds, ordered some lunch, and after he was finished he headed home.  By now it’s about 3:40 when he gets home, which is when he is picked up by the police.  Pretty cut and dry.  And enter the media.  Reports that the shooter is affiliated with a white supremacist group starts to swirl but is quickly debunked.  But as is usual, the seed is planted, and we all know how that game is played.  Once the media calls white supremacy, all eyes fall on Donald Trump. 

Soon after a most startling claim comes to light.  The FBI had received a tip on this kid about a month prior and never followed through.  President Trump quickly adds a little insult to injury by calling the FBI out over Twitter.  “Very sad that the FBI missed all of the many signals sent out by the Florida school shooter.  This is not acceptable.”  The media retaliates soon after with the, now, poster children of gun control.  There is a quite a few of them but I decided to focus my time on the ones I consider the ring leaders of this wily bunch.  Cameron Kasky, Delaney Tarr, Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg. 

The more info that comes out the more that I hear people calling these kids crisis actors, that they don’t even go to the school and that they are being coached by left wing activists/DNC to push for gun control.  None of these things am I saying, I am just providing information and will leave it up to you to decide.  I can’t help it if I get a little sassy but it’s only fair that you get to see the side of these kids the media won’t talk about.

So, let’s start with Cameron Kasky.  Mr. Kasky is your standard teen boy.  Two brothers, loving parents and a beautiful home, that happened to be futured in a nice write up highlighting some of the cool houses that local teens like to hang out at.  He is also active member in the school drama club and has been featured in several plays and productions. 

He has even done some, what appears to be, professional acting.


Here’s a clip his dad shot of one of his auditions.  Oh, did I forget to mention that his father is a former talent agent?  He even spent some time at the William Morris Agency.  Probably just a coincidence, but what story now a days isn’t filled with them?

Now I know what your saying, “Your picking on an innocent kid that went through a traumatic experience”.  Maybe, but there’s more.  Upon further inspection of Cameron, we find that not only is he a gun control advocate, conveniently spewing out the standard liberal talking points but he also has a strong distaste for the President.  Here are a few pictures lifted from his Facebook page, which has since been deleted. 

Exhibit A –Hitler Trump

Exhibit B – Dark Lord of the Sith Trump vs Jedi Knight Sanders

Probably nothing, but there is also the fact that prior to creating a new Twitter account on February 18, 2018, he deleted his old account.  Notice the banner though, “White Supremacy is Terrorism”.  Again, probably nothing.


And I think we can ignore this odd man boy relationship he has with an older gentleman from California.

Next up we have Daphne, I mean Delaney.  Delaney Tarr, the pretty one.  Delaney describes herself as a journalist on her Twitter account, she also is an anchor for WMSD-TV. 

She’s just your typical Florida girl.  She like pretty things, dolls arranged in violent poses, Communism and what I can only assume the liberal media would consider homophobia.

So, while her classmates, those that are still alive, are probably going through some form of PTSD, Delaney is taking one for the team and soaking up as much screen time as she can.  And for sure booking as many interviews in her busy celebrity schedule, like this recent interview on Comedy Centrals, The Opposition.  Looks like she may be getting her dream of being a real news castor after all.


Emma Gonzalez is a little bit of a mystery.  Not too much on her but is sufficing to say that she does love the camera, given her multitude of appearances since day 1. 


She’s almost become the out spoken mouth piece for the gang.  A little sassy, a little spicy and not afraid to call out the BS.  You go Em, cause neither am I.  She does though, unlike her cohorts, didn’t have much of a twitter life before becoming internet famous on the backs of her dead classmates.  “I was trending on Twitter,” she told PEOPLE.  “I didn’t even have a Twitter account!  I had to go make one.”  I’ll just let that marinate for a moment.

That brings us to David Hogg. Where to start with young David?  He claims to be the son of a retired FBI official, he also volunteers his time to WMSD-TV with Delaney, he is a self-proclaimed director, vlogger and new voice of the FBI.  You see, the fact that the bureau failed to follow up on tips about Nikolas Cruz wasn’t the fault of the FBI.  It was that of the President.  But don’t take my word for it.  Let David tell you in his own words.  “It’s wrong that the President is blaming them for this.”  He goes on, “He can’t put that off on them.  He is in charge of them and these people, what they love to do is push this off on bureaucracy and so it’s not them.”  Did he just call the FBI a bureaucracy?  But wait, he’s not finished yet.  “He is in charge of the FBI…the executive branch is supposed to enforce the laws and as such, President Trump is in charge of that and the FBI.”  I can see why CNN writer, John Brennan is proposing that we should lower the voting age to 16.



Now for those of you not familiar with David you can catch him on his YouTube channel.  He doesn’t have anything to special on there but he did get some internet fame and even was featured on CBS2 in CA last August when a video he uploaded of his friend being harassed by a local lifeguard hit 500K views.  David also has a few other hits, like this anti-gun PSA he and a friend recorded while hiding out during the shooting.  There’s also this semi unedited video of him being interviewed with a news organization.  At first glance his stuttering could easily be attributed to the trauma he and his friends just endured, but at around the 34 second mark you can clearly hear someone off camera coaching him, saying, “Say uhh I don’t know how to put this into perspective.”  I’ll leave it at that.  But before we wrap up on David I think it’s also good to see his initial reaction to the 2016 presidential election.

Oh and one more shot of David at CNN in 2016.

So what else is there to say?  I have a hunch that by this point you may possibly be second guessing the sincerity of this rag tag bunch right now.  I wouldn’t blame you if you were.  But with all of this in mind it’s probably a good time to give a quick plug to their website  Feel free to give it a visit, check out their mission statement and if you find that you need to help this movement grow feel free to visit the fully stocked merchandise shop or even donate to their Go Fund Me page.  Their only $800K away from reaching their hefty goal of $2M, which oddly enough was $1.5M last night, luckily, I took a screen shot just in case. 

Well anyway, the money is going to help fund the March 23rd, very important day if you have any knowledge of the occult by the way, March for Our Lives protest in Washington, DC.  Seems like a lot to fund a march but like Cameron says, “The funds will be spent on the incredibly difficult and expensive process that is organizing a march like this.”  I hope they have a cotton candy machine or 2.  But let that be a testament to the veracity of youth.  Between all the interviews, video and print and traveling around the country that these little rascals were able to pull together the site design, merch design and GoFundMe and have everything launched with 3 days of the shooting.  After working in the design/graphic industry for 13 years I have never seen a graphic project come together with such expediency.  I need to hire these guys for my next project.

Well that’s about it on this crew.  .  I am just happy to see a bunch of kids that before the horrible events of Feb. 14, 2018 that they all had big aspirations of being on tv in one form or another.  But thanks to Nikolas Cruz and their dead classmates, they finally are getting their dreams.  Good for them.


It’s been a wild ride so far, but this story isn’t over yet.  I told you there’s a lot of questions and this is only some of the who.  There’s still a lot more funny business with this situation and the more I am find out the more it bothers me.  So, until next time, be careful of what you watch on TV and always assume there’s more that they aren’t telling you.

I just wanted to give a quick thank you to the folks who helped contribute to this piece, whether you know or not.  But specifically to @Lady_Q_Maga and @Helener2442 for constantly keeping me up on the stuff I missed while researching.