“1000 Subscribers Is An Unobtainable Goal!” Cry Children Who Want To Be E-Famous The End Of YouTube Is Nigh

YouTube is facing backlash yet again after unveiling a new monetization scheme for the video-sharing site, but this time the backlash is primarily from 12-year-old children.

A content creator now must meet requirements in order to be eligible for monetization, these requirements being having a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewer watch time in a year.

Whilst the move was heralded by some as a good way of separating the YouTube wheat from the chaff, many are aghast that this will now destroy the aspirations of quality content creators and leave YouTube a barren wasteland with only vloggers, Ugandan Knuckles memers, and people with the surname Paul being spared.

We interviewed a Minecraft YouTuber who cannot be named due to being underage: “This really sucks! I was gonna quit school as soon as I hit 850 subscribers, but now I have to, like, work hard and shit. Now I’ll never be famous… YouTube sucks ass!”

Unfortunately the interview cut short as it was past our interviewee’s bedtime.

We spoke to another YouTuber, with 600 subs, who wished to remain anonymous:

“I was making $5 a month from my ad revenue before, now what will I do?! I can’t support myself anymore. I might have to get a job! This is the worst decision YouTube have ever made and they’ve ruined my life. Damn them. Damn them all to hell.”

With small content creators urging their 200 or so followers to mass boycott YouTube, could this be the end of YouTube itself?


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