The Patriarchy Show – Episode 3

An action packed episode 3 saw the death of a boxing legend, our guest stuck in an elevator, and Gamergate revisited.
Special thanks to Ralph from @TheRalphRetort. We talk to Ralph and touch upon Gamergate, feminism, his time in the UK, and his political evolution.
Zach (@zchrist25) from Rockie Gold calls in to talk about his infiltration of a Bernie Sanders rally, and was supposed to plug his new song…but ended yup getting stuck in an elevator. Check his Twitter for updates on that. Also, listen to the end of the show for the song, All I Have.
We announce New Media Central, our website. Check out the page for political and social commentary, as well as updates regarding The Patriarchy Show.

No boxing legends other than Muhammed Ali were harmed during this episode. RIP

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