84 Lumber’s Superbowl Ad Generates Controversy A Story of Illegal Immigration

The Superbowl this year was great. The game had everything. It had controversy, record-setting moments and an amazing comeback. The halftime show by Lady Gaga was good and was free of any fuss. I think the commercials fell flat aside from the Cam Newton Buick commercial.

The most talked about commercial is the one by 84 Lumber. It depicts a Mexican mother and daughter illegally entering America. The 90 second ad cost 84 Lumber 15 million dollars. The original version of the commercial was rejected by FOX. The script depicted President Trump’s border wall and was redone to satisfy the objections made by FOX. The ad was worked on for months by Bruner Advertising.

Concerning the rejection of the ad Micheal Bruner said:

“There’s some elements in it that are… can be considered politically sensitive,” Brunner said. “They are the host. We’re paying the dollars, but they are the host.”

Here is the ad if you missed it.

After the spot aired social media went into a frenzy and people on both sides of the illegal immigration issue weighed in.

84 Lumber’s Twitter account was busy thanking people and defending the commercial to detractors.

I had to say my piece.

84 Lumber CEO Maggie Hardy Magerko has donated thousands to the Republicans however, the internal strife within the GOP concerning immigration policy makes it feasible that she isn’t automatically an advocate for building a border wall. There are Republicans in leadership positions that still do not support a border wall.

We will have to wait and see if this commercial and subsequent maelstrom will give 84 Lumber a temporary boom in sales, or ultimately become a long-term hindrance since many of the contractors that would shop at 84 Lumber are the white working class voter that abandoned the Democratic Party to vote for Donald Trump. The platform of “America First” and a strong immigration stance is what attracted many to elect Donald Trump as president.

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