Warning shot, or knockout punch

Freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been a busy bee since she found her way to her desk in the House Office Building.  In between photo ops and guest spots on morning television, she’s been hard at work alienating herself from her House colleagues and legacy Democrats.

  Last month, the perky, quirky media darling and champagne Socialist drew the ire of her home state Governor, Andrew Cuomo, as well as New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio when she submarined their efforts to lure Amazon into a deal to relocate their corporate headquarters to the state. The deal was reportedly worth an estimated 30 billion dollars in tax revenue and 25,000 jobs to the state of New York.  Her problem with the deal? She objected on the grounds that the 15.00 starting wage Amazon pays their employees is not a sufficient “living wage”, despite the fact that fellow Democratic Socialist and mentor Bernie Sanders campaigned heavily for a 15.00/hr minimum wage in efforts to “make minimum wage a living wage”.

  AOC, as the media likes to call her, mobilized her army of activists to protest the deal as she spoke out publicly against the move. Coincidentally, this occurred right around the time that the Green New Deal highlights were posted on the House website. The highlights of the GND include the elimination of reliance on fossil fuels to include trucking, air travel and conventional railways. This bold albeit stupid initiative had to be disconcerting to the executive board at Amazon, who rely so heavily on air freight for timely shipping and delivery.

  The aftermath of Amazon’s announcement that they pulled out of the deal was as fast as it was furious. Billboards popped up across NYC expressing the displeasure with Ms Cortez and her lack of foresight. To be sure, Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio aren’t the type of fellas you want pissed at you if you’re a freshman in Congress and lack any real political sense or capital, even if you share party pledge pins. 

  Then last week, AOC struck again, when she openly made threats directed at the moderates within the Democratic Caucus. Following a GOP procedural vote on new gun control legislation.  Cortez angrily told the caucus moderate members that they’d find themselves on a “list” that she would forward to her activists, ostensibly to have the embattled legislators “primaried” at re-election time. 

  These comments have not sit well within the ranks of Congressional Democrats, who likened the move to the darker time during the Nixon years. Safe is to say, she has not learned how to win friends and influence people in her short time in DC.

  On Monday, it was announced that a complaint had been filed against Cortez and her Chief of Staff, Saikat Chakrabarti alleging FEC violations including the syphoning off of nearly 1 million dollars from PAC dark monies for personal gain. In addition, it was revealed that Cortez maintains a policy that her staffers salaries fall well below madatory reporting levels, an old trick to help staffers skirt campaign finance and lobby oversight.  

  It seems to me, given her documented lack of understanding and accumen for finance, that to come up with these scheme’s to milk the teat, Ms Cortez would have needed some guidance from someone who knows how to work the system. If that were, in fact, the case, then that means she has someone who knows her dirty little secrets. Not a smart move for someone who has been running through the Democratic Party like a meth addicted bull in a China shop.

  It seems funny to me that almost the very next day after the story about the FEC complaint broke, Cortez announced she was rethinking her position on the Amazon Deal, as well as doing some fast backpedalling on her comments to the Democratic Caucus. Her change of heart regarding Amazon can be seen here, as reported by Fox.

So, is this all one big coincidence? 

Or, as I happen to believe, did someone launch a truth bomb on Ms Cortez? If so, was it a warning shot, or will it mean the song is ending and she will be left without a chair? Time will tell. In the meantime, she continues to entertain.