A tale of two walls

The liberal left, in it’s zeal to discredit, obstruct, and hinder the efforts of President Trump like to take aim at what is by far, arguably his most important campaign platform to the Conservative base. That is, of course, the Wall. They claim that a wall in unnecessary, that there is no critical need to stop illegal immigration, and that a wall would be a costly extravagance that would be ineffective at stopping illegal immigrants from crossing our southern border. 

  To this argument of ineffectiveness, I respond with the tales of two other historic border wall initiatives, and the results of each of their efforts. However, first some context is necessary. The line separating the US and Mexico is 1,956 miles long. Currently, some 800 miles of it have some form of barrier. The bill just passed in Congress provides funding for approximately 50 additional miles, bringing the total barrier to just under half the full length. This detail is important, so keep it in mind.

  So, onto the first of our two tales.  In 1928, the world was still recuperating from the carnage left by World War One.  Europe in particular was left economically, geographically and industrially in ruins. The world as a whole was teetering on the cusp of the great depression. The terms of the Versailles Treaty had been especially tough on Germany, which, in turn, gave rise to a new German government, and the first rumblings of a renewed threat eminating from Berlin. 

  France, already having experienced the ferocity of the German fighting machine, responded to this threat by constructing the Maginot Line. It was a system of hard barrier walls and fortification along the borders of Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and Luxembourg. 

It stopped at the Belgium border, and at the English channel facing London. Construction was completed in 1938, and with it, the French were confident that Germany would be deterred from spreading itself into French territory. 

In May of 1940, Germany did in fact advance, and seeing the Wall terminated at Belgium, German forces marched directly around, and within 2 weeks, Paris fell to German occupation. 

Poor planning led to a false sense of security from an  incomplete physical barrier and ultimately allowed an invasion and occupation of France. 

  Fast forward some 20 years, to 1961.  The Cold War raged, and the Soviets decided to construct a wall around East Berlin, ostensibly to defend East Berlin from NATO forces, but really, it’s implementation lemt itself to repelling attempts to defect. 

The wall, which took 3 months to build, encircled the city. It consisted of 11 foot tall wall sections, fencing, watchtowers, checkpoints and bunkers. 

In the 28 years it stood between East and West Berlin, illegal crossings over the border were kept to a mere 5000. Consider that amazing statistic. 5000 illegal crossings in 28 years. 

Granted, the 23 miles of border surrounding Berlin is a much smaller scale than the US southern border, however, the reality cannot be ignored. An incomplete poorly contrived wall allowed France to fall in 2 weeks. A well designed wall that encompasses the full border kept illegal crossings to 5000. So when liberals say walls are “ineffective”…I say 2 million East Berliners would disagree.

  So, let’s stop pretending walls don’t work. Let’s stop decieving ourselves and admit that the only true objection to the idea of hardening our borders exists in the pathological need to oppose the President. 

In short, let’s fix our pathetic Immigration system and get the problem under control. The first step is to build the damn wall.