A Theory Regarding The Bombing of Syria 4/14/18, by Sal

There’s always people who say we go to war in the Middle East for oil, and there’s always some anecdotal evidence to prove them right. The attack in Syria seems cut and dry; Assad attacked citizens with chemical weapons, so we (with Britain and France) attacked Assad’s chemical weapons locations.

Someone once said, well, actually, a lot of people once said, “To get to the bottom of something, just follow the money.” I did just that, and I learned about a highly-contested region on the Syrian-Israeli border which is rich in oil. An oil company based out of my own state, NJ, has an advisory board full of names that will make the anti-conspiracy folks scratch their heads. With names like Cheney, Rothschild, and Murdoch on the list, it made me research even further.

From the Asia Times:

The current US occupation of Syria is in the northeast and covers 30% of the country’s territory and controls oil fields where about 90% of the pre-war oil production took place. However, according to some Syrian analysts, the amount of oil revenue is negligible and insufficient to even pay for local government. Nonetheless, Syria has a bigger prize located elsewhere – in the Golan Heights.

As mentioned previously in an Asia Times article, in November 2015, Afek Oil and Gas, a subsidiary of the US company Genie Energy, discovered an oil bonanza in the Golan Heights “with the potential of billions of barrels.” Genie Energy, boasting an advisory board studded with former US cabinet officials, managed to obtain exploratory licenses despite opposition from environmental and local groups concerned that drilling could pollute the Golan countryside and the Sea of Galilee below, the source of most of Israel’s drinking water. However, the biggest problems revolve around the issue of sovereignty.

Israel annexed much of the Golan in 1981, but it is still regarded internationally as illegally occupied Syrian territory. Israel’s leaders had previously offered to pull back from the Golan, which was captured in 1967, in return for a comprehensive peace treaty with the Syrian government. However, since Syria began disintegrating in 2011, there are efforts to demand recognition of Israeli control of the 1,200 square kilometers it occupies in the Golan Heights.

Indeed, Israel has intensified its defense of the Golan. Last June, when a mortar shell landed in the Golan, the Israeli air force attacked Syrian army positions in the village of Samadanieh al Sharqiyah in Quneitra province. In February, after its F-16 crashed in Syria, Israeli airstrikes took out half of Syria’s air defense and fired ground-to-ground rockets from the Golan Heights. It also supports rebel groups as a buffer force to keep the Syrian army and Iran-backed Hezbollah at bay.

By maintaining a US military presence in Syria and partitioning the country into spheres of influence similar to China in the 19th century, it would facilitate Israeli annexation of the Golan and allow US/Israeli energy companies to exploit the oil reserves.

If the US and Israel backed out of Syria, it would allow Russia, who has a greater presence than any other foreign nation there, to gain control of this oil-rich territory.

This would mean that Donald Trump or his cabinet has been compromised by globalists, or he is feeding them crumbs to keep them off his back, and Trump’s pardoning of Scooter Libby adds to both theories.

Whether any of this makes sense to you or not, it begs another question, why does every conflict always circle back to Israel?




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