ADL Exploits Parkland Shooting For Political Points – Declares Cruz “White Nationalist” 2/15/18

In the wake of the Parkland shooting in Florida, which left 17 confirmed dead making it one of America’s deadliest such exigencies, much has been speculated concerning the motivations of the perpetrator, 19 yr old orphaned loner, Nikolas Cruz. He was known as a troubled, depressed youth, with few friends, problems with women and a propensity for killing small animals, such as toads (he posted a picture of a dead toad on his social media feed and claimed that they often ran from him because he had once “massacred” a bunch of them).

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith recently stuck their vile tentacles into the affair by filing a report stating that Cruz was connected to a “white nationalist” and/or alternatively “white supremacist” group called the Republic of Florida (ROF), a ethnocentric militia group. These reports seemed initially credible (ROF is a white nationalist militia group) as they were ostensibly sourced directly from a ROF leader by the name of Jordan Jereb. The ADL story was picked up by a plethora of news outlets who ran with it, seemingly without doing any ancillary fact-checking, instead just choosing to blindly trust the dubious “human rights” organization.

However, upon further inspection, the ADL’s primary source for their information, that is, Mr. Jereb (who they contacted via phone call) does not appear to be particularly reliable. He is, ostensibly, a radical white seperatist who writes things on his social media feed like “read SEIGE faggot!” and yet the ADL expects us to believe that this “hardcore” white nationalist would have let a man named Cruz into his outfit? A simple glance at Cruz’s morphology reveals him to be a mischling so either the ROF and Jereb don’t hem to particularly stringent racial standards (as might well be the case), they are utterly incompetent, or they are lying (likely at the behest of the ADL itself – wouldn’t be the first time such a instance as occurred).

The situation was further complicated when The Daily Caller decided to report on the story and found that the information provided by the ADL was highly suspect. Local law enforcement have publicly stated that, despite ADL contentions, there is no known, factual connection between Jereb, the ROF and Cruz. Jereb himself, facing backlash from his followers for talking to the ADL (a “enemy” organization) released several public statements over his GAB account which essentially confirm the Caller’s report. Jereb states,

“Those of you calling me a “Fake white nationalist” Go fuck yourselves. There was a legit misunderstanding because we have MULTIPLE people named Nicholas in ROF, And I got a bunch of conflicting information and I have not slept for like 2 days, And so when ((( They ))) call me up and ask me yes or no questions, Its easy for them to misrepresent what I say. Are you really going to blame ME for the lying jew media? We know they are liars. Fuck em.”

The most pertinent question is, why would someone like Jereb talk to the ADL to begin with? He goes on to state on his GAB account that the questioner did not state where they were from nor what organization they were working for until the end of the call but that just raises the further question of why on earth Jereb didn’t ask where they were from and who they were with from the outset as someone in his line of work well enough understands how the media would paint him (regardless of whether he could be implicated or not).

Furthermore, according to the news outlet,  Tallahassee Democrat, Jereb, in a phone call with the paper stated: “No way to put a good spin on all of this.” ABC News also gave the militia leader a call whereupon he said only, “This is a negative situation,” before hanging up. Jereb also talked to The Daily Beast and told them that Cruz had undergone militia training and that, ““He probably used that training to do what he did yesterday.” What kind of damage control is that? The man could not have made a worse case for himself and his organization if he had tried, which makes it seem as if he was trying to do just that: damage the organization. It is as if he is purposefully attempting to tie himself and his strange militia group to Cruz and the shooting. All of it reeks of a set-up and we should be very unsurprised if it comes out that Jereb was on the payroll of the ADL all along as so many others have been before him.

All of this is to say nothing of how disgusting it is to utilize such a tragedy to further one’s political agendas just as the gun control fanatics and the NRA cultists do at every given opportunity.

We will keep you updated as the situation develops.