Air Force Uses Meme in Propaganda Op, Goes Over Like Hindeberg #BRRRT

I’ll start this article by saying I don’t know anything about the #Yanny or #Laurel meme other than its obvious connection to the blue or gold dress controversy from a year or so ago. Definitely normie tier.

I was still nevertheless surprised to see it deployed in a U.S. Air Force tweet regarding the use of heavy weaponry in Farah City Afghanistan.

The tweet reads, “The Taliban Forces in Farah city #Afghanistan would much rather have heard #Yanny or #Laurel than the deafening #BRRRT they got courtesy of our #A10,” and then links to an article on

The article there reads as if it could have been written ten or even 15 years ago:

“Air Force A-10 Warthogs are over Farah city, Afghanistan, in an attempt to prevent the city’s fall to Taliban forces during the first major assault against a provincial capital since the Taliban began their annual fighting season.
Although the Air Force’s dedicated close-air support platform has been dispatched, the city remains under government control, officials with NATO’s Resolute Support mission said in a statement Tuesday morning.
Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, backed by U.S. airpower, “are on the offensive against the Taliban,” the statement reads.

Now you’re probably saying, “Who cares? They are terrorists.” Unfortunately U.S. air raids in the Middle East frequently kill innocent civilians. From a 2009 article:

FARAH CITY: Residents of the Bala Boluk district in western Farah province on Tuesday claimed more than one hundred ‘innocent people’ have been killed in the Monday’s air offensive by the US forces.
The air-strike in Bala Boluk district came after an insurgent attack on a police check post that killed six people and three others on spy charges on Sunday.

Following the militant attack, locals say, the American forces bombarded Grani village, inflecting huge casualties to non-combatants.

Given the numbers surrounding these sorts of strikes, it is a strange move for the Air Force to draw attention to them, let alone with a silly meme.

Reactions to the tweet from both the right and the left were almost entirely negative, best summed up by this “based” exchange:

At this point one is left doubting the line between incompetence and malice. Why would a federal government who for decades has allowed immigration from the Middle East be putting out these sorts of tweets for potential “refugees” to see? Regardless, the result tragically leaves working-America caught in the middle of increasing ethnic and geopolitical tension.