Alt-Left Leader That Vows to ‘Crush Skulls’ of Attendees of a Patriot Prayer Rally is Ex-Military War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

Jordan Towers, the "Nazi Crusher", with Chuck Norris. Maybe Chuck taught him some moves.

Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars reported on an alt-left, aka antifa leader that stated he’d use a baseball bat embedded with nails to “crush skulls” during a “Patriot Prayer” peace rally that is taking place this weekend in San Francisco.

This proponent of mass violence tweeted the following.

“The Patriot Prayer rally is a nazi white supremacist event. I’ll be their to crush some nazi skulls.”

The tweet was sent out on August 23rd and as I write this on August 25th, two days later, his Twitter account is still active and he has set his account to protected. I have seen accounts pulled down within hours for a lot less than what this individual said.

I easily found an ISIS account on Twitter and a multitude more are still up.

One of many ISIS or pro ISIS Twitter accounts still up.

According to his LinkedIn, Jordan Towers was a Marine in the 3rd Intelligence Battalion from April 2004-December 2007. He also served on the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Committee as of 2014. He was a supporter of Bernie Sanders and admits to being a communist on various social media sites.

Antifa, or the alt-left, are not “the real fascists” as many on the right mistakenly mention. They are communists. They are adherents to a political system that is responsible for the deaths of over one hundred million people, and, unlike Nazis, we are still fighting communists in places like North Korea and economically in places like China. (We are also fighting China via cyber war. They have hacked us numerous times only for the media to respond with virtually no coverage on the incidents.) It would be phenomenal if we can make communism an identifier that evokes as much, if not more emotion than when Nazis are mentioned. The reason for this is we are still fighting commies. We defeated the Nazis over seventy years ago. Let’s make Commie a nasty word again. It deserves to create a visceral disgust when uttered. People like Jordan and the alt-left that identify with such a murderous ideology should be seen as loathsome enemies since they adhere to a system much American blood has been spilled to defeat.

Jordan has threatened to crush people’s skulls at a specific place using a specific weapon to carry out his threat via multiple tweets (Which he has deleted). His disturbing clear-cut and detailed threats shine a bright light on the fact that the alt-left is never acknowledged by the mainstream media, even though they commit, by far, the most amount of political violence.

The fact that the alt-left is recruiting ex-military into their ranks suggests an escalation in political violence may occur and that threats like Jordan’s should not be taken lightly.

Jordan standing under President Trump Pinatas holding a sign in support for the re-election of Ross Mirkarimi for Sheriff.

UPDATE: The rally’s organizers had to cancel the rally because of the multitude of threats (like the threats Jordan sent) they have received.

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