An Open, Angry Letter to the American People

What happened recently in Germany seems to happen a lot in countries that can’t handle the refugees brought in. It would’ve started happening here if we elected someone who wanted to bring in 500% more refugees. What happened in Turkey yesterday already happened to an American ambassador in Libya, but our current government blamed a YouTube video. What is worse, we almost elected the women who let it happen.

Our general election was not hacked or rigged. The DNC was,and the hacks uncovered actual rigging in the primaries, along with criminal collusion by the media, foreign contributors, and lobbyists. A quarter of Hillary’s campaign was funded by the same people who funded the murder of my brother. If anyone wants to label me an “angry white man,” so be it. I am angry. I am angry after studying the establishment, and what they do. There’s barely any difference between the political establishment of Republican and Democrats who want total control over us, and radical Islamist trying to grow its caliphate. I am angry because people only see left and right. I am angry because people have been led to believe that socialism, globalism, open borders, and wealth redistribution is a good thing for a sovereign nation. I am angry because education, healthcare, science, and the media has been corrupted by the establishment, and people are hypnotized by pop-culture and social media’s establishment fed misinformation they pump into our heads.

Call me angry. Blame Russia. Make excuses for this election, but ignore the fact that your “side” has lost 910 seats nationwide since an inept Marxist was elected. I’m angry because people still think there’s a left and a right. There’s the establishment, and everyone else. When politicians, the Mainstream Media, Hollywood, education, healthcare, and science, (all things the establishment controls) teams up to defeat a nationalist, you should be worried. When people on both “sides” are lobbying to send your children to war with a nuclear power because they don’t want to join the globalist world-bank run establishment, you should be angry. I am angry, but I am always skeptical and untrusting of every elected official.

This isn’t sports. If you support a side like it’s your favorite team, you are a tool. Wake up already. Every problem you want the establishment to fix was caused by them in the first place.
Google Seth Rich, #PizzaGate, Donna Brazile, and read WikiLeaks, and afterward, if you’re still more angry at the hackers than the people who were almost chosen to run this country, for the love of God, do not vote anymore.