Anthony Cumia Suspended from Twitter Founder of Compound Media & Former Half of The Opie & Anthony Show has been Banned from Twitter

Anthony Cumia, of Opie & Anthony fame and owner of Compound Media has been banned from Twitter today. The past couple days he and his fans have been going back and forth with different SJW writers from the site The A.V. Club on Twitter because of a comment he made to some red-haired SJW that writes for The A.V. Club named Katie Rife.

The original tweet that started the Twitter spat was a result of a hit piece by Katie Rife about SiriusXM letting go of his former radio show partner Greg “Opie” Hughes. Anthony Cumia dubbed the article an “inaccurate shit piece”.
This was the Tweet that did Anthony Cumia in.

Anthony Cumia’s suspension from Twitter is one of many among right wingers and Trump supporters over the past two years. Cumia had over 368,000 Twitter followers making him one of the biggest Trump supporters on Twitter to get suspended. Milo Yiannopoulos had 388,000 followers at the time of his suspension.

I have recently started using the site I am enjoying the freedom and not having to worry about repercussions because of a joke or an opinion. The site is very new but every day I use it the more interactions I have been having with others.

Eventually social media, and Twitter in particular, will be empty of dissenting opinions with the occasional troll trying to get a rise out of leftists. Sites like Minds, Gab, and WrongThink will be necessary for the average right leaning to far right individual to vocalize their opinion. There has not been a clear trailblazer or leader in alternatives to the big social media sites but I am hopeful that one will arise.

I have reached out to Compound Media for comment and will update this article as new information is received..

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