AntiFa Thugs Get Taste Of Own Medicine At Berkeley Free Speech Rally

On 4/15/17 a rally was held in Berkeley, California’s Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in support of free speech. Shortly after the event began the entire region was divided via a long orange net fencing – on one side, pro-Trumpers, Alt-Righters, Nationalists, milquetoast free-speech activists of very political affiliation and on the other the AntiFa or Anti-Fascist Action Group. Rather predictably, insults were thrown with barricade jumping and fist throwing quickly following. In the ensuing chaos, right-wingers battled a gaggle of black-clad antifa with the former eventually pushing the admittedly communist agitators out of the area. When the smoke had cleared the seriously injured totaled 11 with seven of that number ending up in the hospital for grievous injuries including one stabbing. All told there were 20 arrests including the up-and-coming right-wing folk hero, Kyle Chapman, known collectively online by the moniker, Based Stickman.

Kyle Chapman decked out in full, custom combat gear.

Another notable event included the cold-cocking of a one Venus Rosales, a young Antifa member who, before attending the event, wrote on her Facebook page that she would collect “-100 Nazi scalps.” However, all she ended up collecting was notable political activist and Identity Evropa founder, Nathan Damigo’s fist.

Former EPL Podcast guest Nathan Damigo vs. AntiFa member and amatuer pornstar, Venus Rosales.

The outrage for the violence at the event was highly prevalent upon social media, specifically in regard to the previously mentioned incident with well known “Anti-Racist” activist Tariq Nasheed stating on Twitter: Here are more images of the Trump supporting white supremacist Nathan Damigo, the coward who sucker punched a WOMAN in Berkeley today [1]. Trump supporting, yes. White supremacist, not so much.

Rosales’ Facebook post wherein she espouses a desire to “disrupt” and hyperbolically (assumedly) gather some “scalps.”

Another even more well known so-called “anti-racist” activist, Tim Wise, arguably the most famous practitioner of this bizarre new trade was equally furious (ostensibly anyways). On Twitter he wrote emphatically about the Damigo/Rosales affair: Time to arrest his pathetic Nazi ass. This is visual evidence of a criminal act. He needs prison. Now… [2]. Assuredly he wasn’t aware of the Nazi scalping comment – then again, knowing Wise, he likely would have praised the delinquent for the vile declaration.

Even Captain America himself – that is, Hollywood actor, Chris Evans – took to social media to state: I hope I run into Nathan [3]. Leave it to an actor to deliver such a admission of understated violent intent.

It should be noted that the masked and black-clad AntiFa were the primary instigators of violence at the event. Indeed, the entire event was one which was in support of freedom of speech which is the precise antithesis of the the world’s clumsiest ninja’s singular modus-operandi – that being, the usage of disruption and violence to silence political dissent.