Apple doesn’t see a problem with bent iPads

Apple says customers shouldn’t be getting so bent out of form concerning the new iPad Execs.

Apple confirmed to The Verge that its 2018 iPad Execs have been transport with a bend within the aluminum chassis. The corporate says the bend just isn’t a defect, however relatively a byproduct of the manufacturing course of, which entails cooling the pill’s metallic and plastic elements.

Apple claims the bend shouldn’t have an effect on gadget efficiency, however the information concerning the iPads — which vary from $799 to $1,899 — has angered some customers.

“I might in all probability be thought-about an ‘Apple cult member’ by many individuals, however releasing a product with a producing flaw after which throwing your fingers up and saying it’s unavoidable is a chickens–t transfer,” wrote one fed up Reddit person.

One disgruntled buyer informed the Submit that managers at an Australian Apple Retailer referred to his bent iPad as having “beauty injury” and dismissed on-line experiences concerning the situation. Different customers have voiced concern that the bend really happens over time from regular each day strain.

Final month, a viral video from YouTuber JerryRigEverything ignited “Bendgate” by displaying the latest iPad Professional being bent in half underneath little or no drive. The video reminded a few of Apple’s unique “Bendgate” in 2014 when customers complained that their iPhone 6’s had been warping of their pockets.

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