Are Guns The Problem?

In the wake of the tragedy that occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the gun control debate has been more fierce than ever. Majority of those on the left have demonized the AR-15, even calling for it to be banned in many cases. But exactly how deadly are the AR-15 and similar rifles? According to, the total number of rifle related homicides in 2016 were 374. It may seem like quite a bit until you come to realize that there were a total of 700 homicides committed by hands and feet, 1,594 knife related homicides, and 7,105 from handguns.
To put that really into perspective, every year the average number of bed related deaths is 450 and the amount of deaths from falling is 1,600.(via

According to the a National Vital Statistics Report, around 80% (roughly 8,000) of all gun homicides are drug and gang related. Of that 8,000, a staggering 1,296 come solely from four cities. (Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, and D.C.) Instead of pushing stricter gun control and outright gun bans, ending the war on drugs seems like the most logical way to reduce gun violence.

Often you will see the left peddling the anti AR-15 agenda, calling to ban it and other rifles that they themselves have very scarce knowledge on. But rarely will you see these people advocating for banning or demonizing handguns, but why? Truth is, it wouldn’t fit the agenda they wish to push. At 53.6%, black Americans commit the majority of murders, and with the firearm homicide rate among black men aged 20-29 being 89 per 100,000, black Americans are nearly as at much danger as the citizens of Honduras- the country with the highest recorded homicide rate at 90.4 per 100,000. (Via The left knows that pushing for the ban of handguns would mainly affect black Americans, who disproportionately vote Democrat. So to virtue signal at the highest levels I’ve seen, leftists news outlets are using like minded victims of the Florida shooting as political weapons to help push their anti-gun, anti-NRA, and anti-Trump agendas while all but ignoring the more conservative victims, which makes it seem they care more about their own politics than the lives of Americans.

In truth the US doesn’t have a gun problem, it has a drug, culture, and media problem.