Be Sure to Handle Your Teenage Son’s Caucasian Reeducation Before the Alt-Right Gets Him

A few days ago a tweet received an inordinate amount of attention.

It was the beginning of a long thread on how to determine if your little future oppressor is being radicalized by the minions of Milo Yiannopoulos or Gavin McInnes before establishment culture can properly declaw him. A ways down her thread she shared a Washingtonian article about a mother dealing with her young teenage boy being radicalized into a Nazi.

This article is three months old as of this writing, but it warrants some scrutiny because it throws up some serious red flags. Since Washingtonian doesn’t have a comments section, one has to use Dissenter to see responses to it. The prevailing opinion is that the story is fake, and not without justification. I wasn’t ready to say it never happened, at least until the end of the article (more on that later). The author did remain anonymous so there is no possibility of verifying the story without waterboarding someone at the Washingtonian.

There is one patently obvious thing to get out of the way first, and it applies to both Joanna Schroeder and the author of this article. They operate on the conclusion that there is no gap whatsoever between American right wing and Nazi. If you voted Trump and intend to do so again even if you’re not 100% happy with him because of what the Democrat candidates are openly running on, you want secure borders, or you think it’s not a good sign that American politicians are giving speeches to their constituents in foreign languages, then you are a goosestepping Nazi. End of discussion.

One clue that this piece might be authentic (which will be the assumption until we get towards the end), is the startling anecdote that kicks the story off that clearly demonstrates that this mother has no self-awareness whatsoever. She’s terrified of her son theoretically becoming a white nationalist because of a rabbit hole that he started going down because the left (not theoretically) tried to preemptively destroy him.

As a thirteen year old kid he was talking with a friend and exchanged an inside joke. A teen girl overheard the exchange and without context reported the conversation like a good little sjw snitch. What follows is, by her own description, an Orwellian nightmare. In the end, the family decided their only option was to enroll their son in a private school. This quote was telling as to her state of mind in this situation.

In an out-of-body moment, I imagined that this very episode would be cited by some future cultural critic on the limits of liberalism, or perhaps we’d show up in a sociology dissertation about the collision of childhood and technology.

The, “cultural limits of liberalism?” Depending on what she means by liberalism, be it the modern commonly understood definition or the classical liberal, that could be taken two different ways. Based on the rest of her piece, take a wild guess. But what’s clear is that while she was aghast at how her own son was treated, it caused zero reflection on the creeping death of PC culture. She personally witnessed left wing authority attempt to perform a character assassination. The used isolation, intimidation, forcing a confession and other psychological techniques to break a teenage boy for nothing. But outside of her experience she has not second guessed the course of the culture today in any way that she’ll admit to.

While admitting this is the starting point, she still claims to be absolutely mystified by the path her son followed after this. After feeling betrayed by every adult around him, he sought a safe haven that would take him in. And according to her, he found it in the online world of trolls, memes, MRA’s and right wingers. At an age when parents used to have to worry about there kids getting into drugs and sex, she was worried about her son getting into #MAGA. One of the most ruefully humorous things about the article is that if you change some of the words it could have just as easily been written by a mother in the late 50’s worrying about her son getting into rock and roll. Ironic that she feared her son embracing individual rights, hard work, and a desire for a nuclear family via the very same method that recruits black kids into street gangs that get them killed on a daily basis.

Invigorated by his new found cause, mom’s despair that she was raising a Trump supporter came to a head when he asked to go to the 2017 Mother of All Rallies. She eventually relented and decided to escort him, terrified of what she might see. This is where the wheels really start to come off her tale. She vividly describes a man there with a Nazi flag draped over his shoulders like a cape. By her account, reporters flocked to the supposed Nazi and followed him for ten minutes. When they parted they shook hands and were all smiles.

Funny she didn’t mention that this happened. But let’s rewind here. Nazi Superman strolled around the Mother of All Rallies and had a long, positive interaction with the press? Feel free to image search the rally. In fact, she included a few pictures of her own, just not any of the Nazi. You’ll find a lot of American flags, which to be fair, is the same thing to the left. We here in the depths of the vast right wing/meme troll digital army were familiar with the “white nationalists” that showed up at 2016 rallies with swastika flags, all bright and new with the package creases still in them. NBC news ran a headline on swastikas at the last round of Portland protests. The flags were brought by Antifa to burn, but the readers didn’t need to know that. The just needed to association.

She also focused on a lone counter protester to the rally, and gushed about his courage. Because we all know how dangerous it is for leftists at right wing rallies, where they show up dressed head to toe in black carrying blunt weapons and bottles of their own urine and feces… wait. Well, this did happen two years before the assault of Andy Ngo.

In the article this is where the scales began to fall from the son’s eyes. He would go on to do a complete 180 and apologize to his family for joining a cult. Because when he realized what he was getting into, he came to realize that the people that tried to ruin his life were totally right after all. And this is where it really starts to sound made up. Her family drama wraps up in a pretty little bow with a perfect happy ending. When you finish the article it sounds like a Lifetime movie.

However, its authenticity is secondary in importance to its purpose. It’s a warning, a message to all parents of white males that unless you raise him to be completely neutered and submissive to all of the myriad categories of victim, you’re part of the problem. You’re criminally culpable. That was why it was shared. The whole point of the thread was that white males are the problem by default. They have to be actively hobbled in their youth to grow up properly in society, preemptively hating their identity for the greater good. And if they start to reach out to those that would tell them they have nothing to feel bad about, then you better get in and nip it in the bud.

There is nothing redeemable about ranking people by melanin levels. White racists exist, and they’re wrong. But you have to be intellectually consistent. You can’t advance equality by diminishing whites. You’re just playing the same game with different adjectives if you do. I don’t believe I am superior because of my skin color, but I have nothing to apologize for either. It is not racist to vote for Trump. It is not racist to recognize that the influx of third world migrants is having a detrimental effect. And it is not racist to tell these leftists where to stick their re-education. It’s all a pretense to expand the almighty state, anyway.


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