Best Way to Defeat the Enemy?

For those who have been following the Q phenomenon, as well as those who may have read my articles on the subject, both here and elsewhere, you know I’ve stated that I am optimistically cautious where Q is concerned. I’m very hopeful that Q team is a group of people who are truly in the know and are privy to the outlined plan that is in place to overcome and overthrow the enemy, which in this case is the Deep State (DS), or “the Swamp.”

Q has talked repeatedly about “the plan.” He has said things like “WWG1WGA” (where we go one, we go all). Q often repeats the same type of posts about certain people, often followed by “you have more than you know.”

One particular comment Q has made from way back and has repeated is “We have everything.” This allegedly points to the fact that Q team (and ostensibly POTUS), actually have the real goods on corrupt people in the federal government.

Q has pointed to information like pictures, videos and even audio that will possibly come out and which will silence the opposition. These videos, audio, and pictures are so egregious allegedly, that no successful denial will be made. The implications of these things will be instantly and fully plausible and do tremendous damage to the people/subjects of the audio, pictures, and video.

But what do we make of Q? What can we say about Q that might help us determine truth from fiction? Frankly, I’m not sure, which is why I am still cautiously optimistic; however, my interest is beginning to wane and I’ll tell you why this is the case.

It’s been a year and a half since Donald J. Trump was sworn in as this nation’s 45th president. Yes, there have been hundreds if not thousands of resignations and sealed indictments and while we’ve seen a few somewhat high-profile arrests, we’re still waiting for the truly big fish to be caught. It seems that the longer this takes, the less likely it is to occur, in my opinion.

In any successful military campaign, the victor literally overthrows the other by brute force and strength, completely overwhelming them. That defeated foe will also often think again before facing that same foe who just dethroned and defeated them.

If someone tries to break into your home while you are there, you most likely would not stop to negotiate with them. You won’t play any games. If you do, you’ve already lost. Chances are you will hit them with everything you’ve got not only to make an example out of them, but to literally tell the other criminals on the streets that it is not safe for any of them to attempt to break into your home either. They need to go find someone else to bother because you won’t put up with it and you’ve proven it.

The major problem I have with what is happening now is the fact that President Trump appears to be on the losing end of things. Sure, he is getting things accomplished and more are coming around to his way of thinking, but at every turn the MSM (mainstream media) pushes back against him and his administration. It’s absolutely amazing how many people appear to agree with them too.

But it’s not only the MSM. It includes people like Clapper, Brennan, Hillary, Obama, and so many others who were part of the Obama administration. Even the corrupt Bush family has joined in their stance against Trump, which to me, cements the case for their involvement in the DS.

Getting back to the question at hand, is there a better way, a more obvious way for Trump (and Q team) to fight the enemy here? I believe there is and it has to do with overwhelming the enemy with so much truth and information that they become absolutely powerless to react to it. It would put them off-balance. They would not be able to contain their narrative any longer. Their corruption would become immediately apparent to all except the most hardcore leftwingers.

If, as Q says, they actually do have “everything” and this means, pictures, video, audio, etc., why take so long to release things? Why let it trickle out with long periods between each release? Why talk about it since it just gives the Left fodder to obfuscate? We were told the FISA abuse situation would blow the doors off things. It didn’t. It was explained away by the Left.

We were told the IG Report would silence the opposition. It hasn’t and they’ve already been busy explaining it away. Q tells us that the IG Report that was released is the RR (Rod Rosenstein) version, which is not the whole truth. We are told to once again “fight, fight, fight” for the unredacted version to be released. I’m wondering why? POTUS has the power to declassify anything and that includes the IG Report. Why does he need us to “fight” for its release? Why not just do it? It’s not as if the MSM is going to start portraying Trump in a bad light. Nothing he accomplishes is good enough. He’s now even being blamed for children in cages that occurred under the Obama administration in 2014. MSM won’t let that go.

Q also implied forthcoming videos and audio will undeniably decimate certain individuals in the DS. Supposedly, these are indisputable. At the same time, they apparently cannot be released yet because it might cause civil uprising.

Wouldn’t it be better to release the information – or at least some of it – and watch the chips fall where they might? Wouldn’t it be best to overwhelm the enemy by releasing so much truth that the enemy could not control their continued message of deceit?

Since Q has referred to the fact that videos, audio, and pictures exist that may be released, the Left has caught on and what has their response been? They are out telling the world about the newest technology (with numerous examples) that allows people to make it appear that someone like Barack Obama has said some incredibly biased and egregious statements about President Trump. Because there is so much prior announcement, the Left has plenty of time to compose their rebuttal to it.

If a video of Hillary was released today that allegedly showed her speaking treasonous things – things that if convicted of them would result in her hanging – the Left would simply obfuscate by claiming that the video was created by someone attempting to frame her, when in fact, she did not say any of those things heard on that video. There would then be “congressional” hearings about the integrity of the videos, resulting in…nothing.

On the other hand, had the videos, pictures, and audio in question been released long ago, before the Left had an opportunity to change the narrative or attempt to contain the message, it is very possible that more people would reject Hillary and Obama. In fact, this is exactly what the Left is doing where Donald J. Trump is concerned.

There is way too much lag time between the time something is mentioned on the Q boards and the time when anything actually comes out. It seems that the Left is constantly given too much leeway, too much time to create their “defense” of certain individuals.

Parts of the IG Report are non-committal. However, some parts tend to prove James Comey knew a great deal more than he said and in fact, has lied about things. It is clear that Barack Obama and Hillary have also lied. But, life goes on with no real change. No arrests. No prosecutions. But Manafort has been denied bail and is in jail awaiting trial. Go figure.
Wouldn’t it be better to so overwhelm the enemy that they end up literally scrambling not only to rebut but to try to keep things contained? At present, they have so much time to prepare their narrative, address what they believe are inconsistencies, and talk specific points to death.

In my mind, this is not the way to do things. You don’t allow your enemy to even appear to gain mastery over you. But clearly, Trump would disagree with me and he would because he would say that if you make your enemy think they have gained mastery over you, they are easier to take down.

In my mind, you squash them and you squash them quickly, distinctly, and permanently so that they cannot rise again to attempt to thwart you. As I say, I could be wrong about this.
There are many who resolutely believe Q. They take whatever Q says and run with it as the gospel truth. They research and dig deeply. Half the time when I read a Q post, I cannot make sense out of it at all. I’m not quite sure how the Anons make the connections they make, but it makes for interesting reading.

My problem is what I’m actually seeing in the world now. I can clearly see the good that Trump has accomplished but I can also clearly see the insane hatred from the Left that is attempting to stop him at all costs. That hatred does not appear to be diminishing. In fact, it is becoming more and more unhinged.

Some will say (as I’ve said), it’s because they are at their wit’s end and know their end is near. Could be, but I’ll believe it when I actually see it.

You don’t go out on the battlefield and toy with your enemy. You deal precisely, distinctly, and permanently with your enemy. If you have greater fire power than your enemy, you don’t use less powerful weapons to be on their level. You use your best fire power to wipe them out. You disgrace them. You make an example out of them. You not only crush them but destroy every chance they have to come at you again.

This is what I don’t see happening, in spite of all the good things Trump has accomplished. At this rate, he will finish his second term, the swamp will still be standing and a corrupt Democrat or RINO will be voted in as our next POTUS who will quickly undo everything good Trump has accomplished.
It has been a year a half. The MSM still hates Trump and cannot report on anything honestly. The criminals within the Democrat Party are still free to do whatever damage they care to do. In short, I’m not sure how Trump continues on with his irrepressible positivity. He obviously knows something I don’t.
More power to Trump if this is all part of his plan to drain the DC swamp. More power to him if he knows about (or is himself) Q and is resolutely moving forward the “plan” that will unseat, dethrone, and destroy the Deep State.

For me, this is taking way too long. We are told to “TRUST WRAY,” and “TRUST SESSIONS,” but when you hear them talk (or don’t hear from them at all); it becomes very questionable as to what’s going on. I know people say this is all acting on their part. They are deliberately playing dumb and appearing to side against Trump for the benefit of the Left.
Enough! Things need to roll. People need to be charged, prosecuted, and punished. But why do I think for the next few years we will simply have more of this same thing with the “bread and circuses” of a war of words, Congressional hearings that accomplish nothing and the Left continuing to get away with their crimes? I’m so hopeful that a year from now I can look back and gratefully admit that I was wrong.