BREAKING: Liberal Restaurant Refuses to Serve Press Secretary Sarah Sanders

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was refused service at a Lexington, VA restaurant last night because of who she is and her work with the president.

When Sarah took to Twitter to relay the incident she reported that she politely left following the request.

Liberals on Twitter used the opportunity to further insult the wife, mother and successful career woman.

Some called her a failure as a human being.

Some, sickeningly, compared the Press Secretary to the Nazi Gestapo.

Some accused her of lying about the incident.

The “Nazi” insults continued to come in as Liberals further spent the language capital we have built up as a civilization, around real issues, by simply wearing out words hyperbolically.

Supportive Tweets were harder to find as Twitter has become a liberal echo chamber during mass purging of Right-leaning accounts, but Sanders did have many supporters.

Some called for Patriots to review the Red Hen, which they did. Yelp received overwhelmingly bad reviews on the establishment showing that despite Twitter’s left-wing bent, Americans side with Sanders.

Some on Twitter were impressed with Sarah’s classy behavior and we at New Media Central agree. Well done, Secretary Sanders.