BREAKING: Radio Host Jesse Lee Peterson Announces July is White History Month! @JLPTalk The popular radio and YouTube personality, author and WND contributor, vows to highlight white Christians on his show throughout the month of July

Jesse Lee Peterson has been a Christian, conservative commentator and writer for several decades and is the host of the popular daily show, The Jesse Lee Peterson Show as well as The Fallen State.

Known for calling out bad behavior within the American black community, he regularly points out the problems with crime and fatherlessness and refers to President Trump as “the great white hope.”

Jesse announced during the opening of his Monday, July 2nd, show, at 9 AM EST, that he would be celebrating July as “white history month” to showcase how white people built America, the country he refers to as “the best country this side of heaven.”

Plans to host interviews with white Americans and historians are reportedly in the works.