BREAKING! Twitter Locks LifeSite News for Reporting on Rising STDs Among Homosexuals

“First they came for The Daily Stormer, and I did nothing…” may very well be written in our future history books – if Western civilization still studies history, that is.

Just three hours ago LifeSite News, a wildly popular, Catholic, pro-life, news organization was locked out of its Twitter account for reporting on the STD rise among gay men back in 2014.

Read LifeSite’s full account of the lockout here.

I cannot express how serious this censorship has become, and this one hits close to home for me, personally.

It was easy for many people to ignore or mock “Nazis” when they were being shut down, and many did. Virtually no one rose up for the free speech rights of the detestable ideas and now, the big tech Left is creeping further and further toward the center in their attempt to totally lock down any speech that does not abide their feminist, pro-gay, anti-white, pro-Islam, anti-Christian agenda.

I, myself, was a Liberal once and LifeSite News was a huge part in my transition to conservative politics and lifestyle.

One weekend, when my third son was only a baby, in 2010, I was down, in bed, sick with a late summer cold. With not much else to do, I sat on my laptop and read the latest news.

One click led to another and I found myself on LifeSite News. I had always been pro-life, despite my Left-leaning stance on other issues, so I was vaguely familiar with the site.

What happened next was a 48-hour article reading binge that took me on a mental and emotional journey I was never expecting. I came out on the other side of that weekend adamantly against the promotion of homosexuality.

What did it? What changed my mind? LifeSite’s reporting on the disease and mortality rate among homosexuals. It suddenly occurred to me that homosexuality was not healthy and it was not normal. It was as if someone flipped a switch in my head. I finally understood.

I went from being a mom who didn’t care if her children were gay or straight, to a mom who didn’t want my child to be plagued with STDs and have a lifespan significantly shorter than his hetero peers.

LifeSite red pilled me.

I went on to red pill thousands of others with my social media and my website.

This is what Twitter is trying to squash. Who would promote homosexuality if they knew and REALLY understood the facts?

No one.

But homosexuality is second only to feminism in the ranking of “best tools to break apart a civilization.” The Left doesn’t want to make America, or the West, great again. To them it was never great. They want to dismantle it -take it apart, bit by bit and rebuild a whole new creation.

The key to doing that is taking apart the building block of a society -the traditional family. The traditional family is what fits together to build grand creations, to build everything we have ever known.

So, the Left destroys it by telling women they are oppressed and that they are better than men (feminism) and by telling us that two men or two women who engage in unhealthy, disease spreading, activities, and whom cannot procreate – are a “family” and the Left won’t let anyone spread the truth.

LifeSite was in their way today. Who will it be tomorrow?