Careful what you wish

So, as anyone familiar with social media is well aware, Alex Jones got rubbed out by the internet cabal. Having never listened to his show, I’m ambivalent to his presence, but I’m also deeply troubled by this aggressive move by the high tech monster.  In a never before seen move, Apple, Google, YouTube and Spotify rubbed him out.  This poses alarming questions and certainly dilemmas that reach beyond social media.

  This is not, as the media Giants would have us believe, a simple case of fostering a more civil environment for their users. Let’s be honest, and call it what it is. It’s censorship in the form of corporate activism that treads perilously close to racketeering and conspiracy.

  While I am fully aware that the Constitution has no  guarantee against corporate censorship, and nor should it. However, this politically motivated decision was not well thought out in a big picture context. 

  Liberals are cheering this as a moral victory, however they fail to see the undeniable backlash that will come.  For two years, the Kneeling Knuckleheads 

have seen fit to disrupt our enjoyment of NFL football with their Ill reasoned “protest”. When the complaints began flooding in, the SJW in the crowd claimed it’s a “freedom of speech” so angry fans would just have to deal with it.  Well, guess what football fans..the Zuckerberg et al just took a big dump on that defense. 

  Which brings us to the trend of harrassing movie goers, restaurant diners, or book store customers because they are wearing MAGA merch or God forbid, work for the Administration. That harrassment? Not protected, so hopefully, when you’re arrested, Mad Maxine will post bond, seeing as she put you up to it.

  Hollywood should probably feel a little uneasy too. Film makers have always fought aggressively against censorship, not only from the government, but from the Studios.  Micheal Moore doesn’t have Harvey Weinstein to help fund his “movies” anymore. 

It could be tough cookies if the studio were to decide they’ve had enough of his nonsense. 

  This reaches beyond censorship. The liberals like to point out that the Presidents policies, or more often EO, while within the perview of executive power or letter of the law, still aren’t right.”Deportation is legal but it doesn’t make it right”…. Guess what, remember that moral victory? Congratulations.

  Was Zuckerberg etal within their rights to deplatform Alex Jones? Sure. Was the means with which they did it somewhat suspect? Most definitely.   But we would do well to bear in mind, censorship, once begun, only gets easier, and is ever increasingly difficult to stop. This is a twisted, dangerous path we are treading, and you can be certain, when the final tally is counted, this move will bite them in the ass.

That much is unavoidable.  Eventually, the people, your customers, will grow tired of having big business control what we see, hear, or read, and the exodus won’t end until vestiges of these platforms are on display in the same showcase of irrelevance as MySpace.  As any business professor can attest, once you lose your customer, it’s near in possible to get them back.