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ARS Smashed As Argentina Crashes


Gene-Edited CRISPR Twins May Have Supercharged Brains, And Silicon Valley Wants In On It

A pair of Chinese twins who were gene-edited for resistance to HIV may also have 'supercharged' brains, along with possible resistance to age-related cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer's.  In...

NZ Police Demand “Kiwi Farms” Message Board Preserve “IP Addresses” And “Email Addresses” Following Massacre


Iran’s Rouhani Makes First Ever Visit To Iraq To “Bypass Unjust US Sanctions”


Smith: Feminism Is A Disease – And Masculinity Is The Cure

Authored by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market.com, It seems these days like everyone and their gender-fluid grandma has some “profound” insight into the minds and world...

Kunstler: China & US “Are Beset By Dangerous Fragilities”


Controversial Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Could Be Operational By November

Authored by Tim Daiss via Oilprice.com, In what would be an early geopolitical win for Moscow, German news agency DW reported yesterday, citing one of the...

The Ultimate Tool To Prop Up Oil Prices

Submitted by Peter Verleger of OilPrice.com In the late sixties, an economic debate began between East Coast economics departments (saltwater universities) and midwestern colleges (freshwater...

Decentralize The French State | Zero Hedge


Vision 2030: Towards A New Saudi Arabia Or No Saudi Arabia?

Authored by Andrew Korybko via Oriental Review, Saudi Arabia clinched 37 deals worth $53 billion after announcing that it intends to attract upwards of $426 billion in...