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Friday, November 15, 2019

Marine Le Pen Says Leaving The Euro “No Longer A Priority”

Though they have calmed somewhat since they first erupted late last year, the Yellow Vest protests are set to continue this week as French...

Domino’s Pizza Goes It Alone on Delivery


Channel 4’s “Inside Idlib” – The Last Gasp Of A Dying Fake News Campaign


IRS Sending Warning Letters to More Than 10,000 Cryptocurrency Holders


Trump May Have Derailed His Own National Emergency With One Sentence

President Trump may have derailed this own national emergency declared on Friday to authorize an additional $7 billion for his long-promised border wall.  While speaking with...

“It’s Just Wrong” – Fed Chair Powell Destroys MMT Dreams

"well, he would say that wouldn't he?" ... "yeah, well, he hasn't got an Economics PhD" ... "he's racist and doesn't believe in climate...

Ex-NATO Commander Wesley Clark To CNN: Did Erdogan Blackmail Trump?

Former NATO commander Wesley Clark advised CNN Monday morning that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan night time have blackmailed President Trump into withdrawing US forces...

German Lawmakers Consider Nationalizing Private Apartments To House The Poor


Army Major (Ret.): Why America’s No-Fault Generals Won’t Save Us From The Next War


Care.com Founder to Step Down as CEO Months After WSJ Report