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Monday, June 17, 2019

T-Mobile/Sprint merger is in danger of being rejected by DOJ


Biohacker injects himself with DNA made from Bible, Koran verses

A biohacker injected himself with DNA sequence produced from elements of the Bible and Koran in a dangerous experiment as a result of he...

Sorry, Ajit: Comcast lowered cable investment despite net neutrality repeal

Enlarge / A Comcast service vehicle in Indianapolis, Indiana, in March 2016.Getty Images | jetcityimage ...

Student uniforms in China now come with tracking devices

Chinese language residents get accustomed fairly early in life to residing in a continuing state of being tracked and surveilled by authorities. In what...

Sending astronauts to Mars is ‘stupid’

One of many first astronauts to orbit the moon stated Wednesday that it’s “silly” to plan human missions to Mars. Invoice Anders, who was the...

Huawei cancels MateBook laptop launch because of US export ban