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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Revamped Google Pixel devices coming as early as Oct. 28

Google on Tuesday unveiled the latest generation of its slow-selling Pixel line of smartphones, promising better cameras, a smarter Google Assistant and a built-in...

Researchers find bug in Python script may have affected hundreds of studies

Enlarge / A Python coding error may have bitten as many as 150 different published chemistry...

Uber pink slips 350 in third round of layoffs

Uber on Monday reportedly began its third round of layoffs in the past few months, handing out pink slips to 350 employees. Shares of the...

Sikorsky makes its bid for Army’s next scout copter

Enlarge / An artist's rendering of Sikorsky's proposed Raider X attack-scout helicopter.Sikorsky ...

Expect a $399 iPhone in 2020: analyst

Apple is planning to release a dirt-cheap iPhone next year in a bid to boost its stagnant sales, a well-respected analyst says. TF Securities’ Ming-Chi...

AT&T charged customers for a corporate tax that it doesn’t have to pay

Enlarge / An AT&T store in Chicago.

Blizzard restores prize money to pro-Hong Kong gamer

Video game giant Activision Blizzard moved to restore prize money and reduce a suspension for a professional gamer player who publicly spoke out in...

Nobel Prize winner believes we could discover alien life within 30 years


Attackers exploit an iTunes zeroday to install ransomware