Citing Bias, FEC Complaint Filed Against CrowdPAC New Media Central Exclusive

LOS ANGELES–A Republican Congressional Candidate in California has opened a Federal Election Commission Complaint against the crowd-funding platform Crowd PAC over biases against conservative candidates.

The complaint, filed this month by former Democrat Ron Bassilian, is a worrying but familiar tale to Republicans vying for seats across the country.

Bassilian is an outsider who comes from the private sector, specializing in IT and was one of the many so-called “Trump Democrats”. Bassilian says his support of President Trump stems from the fact that during the election, Donald Trump was the only candidate to call out the devolution of the Democratic Party into a “propaganda arm of corrupt interests”.  His complaint outlines how CrowdPAC refused his request for equal time and even banned him from their Facebook page when he publicly pointed out the discrepancy. Bassilian is running for election in California’s 37th District, a seat currently held by Democrat Karen Bass.

In the complaint document obtained by New Media Central, Bassilian also points out the fact that CrowdPAC, a Certified B Corporation, functions more as a progressive PAC then it does as a bipartisan entity.

It goes on to note that Bassilian was denied a request of equal time by CrowdPAC after they were influential in raising over $100K for “virtual unknown” candidate Jess Phoenix.

As of Wednesday, CrowdPAC’s Facebook page was still running advertisements featuring an Anti-Trump quote from Jess Phoenix, who is running in California’s 25th Congressional District against Steve Knight. The DNC has made no secret that they plan to heavily target Knight’s seat.

Bassilian alleges that CrowdPAC’s biases are more sinister than just failing to give Republicans equal time. The complaint accuses CrowdPAC of strategically pushing Democrats who are running in Republican districts, adding that they operate eerily similar to ActBlue, a liberal 527 political non-profit running online ads for similar candidates.

In almost every instance possible, CrowdPAC describes itself as a non-partisan entity but as Bassilian describes they seem to exclusively push liberal themes on their Facebook feeds.

A quote from Bassilian’s complaint:

“Some examples off their feed: Join the resistance, help the blue wave, The man with two moms is running! Jess Phoenix the climate change Democrat. There’s even a project witch hunt promoting metaphorical witch hunts against Republican candidates,. I tried bringing up the bias on their Facebook page but their response was to ban me from further comments.”