CNN Money Reads Like a 13-Year-Old Girl’s Blog Post

“And then, Apple said he was taking Info Wars to the dance and not me even though I’ve liked Apple way before Info Wars even did, plus I’m prettier!!”

This is the tone behind CNN Money’s recent, Info Wars lamenting article.

The article, titled “InfoWars app still in Google, Apple stores after companies move against other content,” seeks to further deplatform the news site Info Wars after Apple announced that it was removing the podcast from service on August 6, 2018.

CNN isn’t satisfied with the limitations already put on the free speech of reporters who work for the Alex Jones-based site, as it has done in the past, CNN seeks to create a story while further squashing their competition and the whole thing comes across as childish.

Earlier this year CNN was caught creating a story when reporters took it upon themselves to claim my YouTube channel was a “white nationalist” channel and then, without any evidence, called the advertisers YouTube had placed on my channel, and had my entire channel demonetized. CNN Money then turned around and wrote about this “story” they themselves had created, based on a lie.

Now, CNN Money has their hackles up because, as they put it, “[the] InfoWars’ app has gone as high as #23 among free news apps, ahead of offerings from legitimate news outlets like the Associated Press, CBS News, USA Today, NPR, Bloomberg, MSNBC, Washington Post, NBC News, Politico and the Financial Times.”

This sort of wailing and gnashing of teeth comes across as nothing but immature gasps of rage from a dying news network who, despite failing ratings, refuse to improve their content and report on real news stories.

CNN cannot compete against independent journalists who can now record, upload and broadcast on the ground, truthful, reporting to the American public without access to large network TV channels.

In an age when the public is crying out for truth, while swimming in a sea of mainstream media lies, the best CNN can come up with is moaning about how Alex Jones managed to get his app to the 23rd spot ahead of them and their ilk?

CNN tries to justify their position by claiming that, “InfoWars and Jones regularly traffic in conspiracy theories, including the claim that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax and that the September 11, 2001 terror attacks were an inside job.” However, they provide no links and no sources for their claims, just as they provided none when they called me a “white nationalist.”

With massive media layoffs across the whole mainstream media industry, crying isn’t going to get CNN Money, or any of the tech giants who are deplatforming conservatives like crazy, anywhere. Lucky for people like,, Bitchute, and the good folks here at New Media Central, the harder they work against us, the more they boast our signal.

Keep it up guys, your days are numbered!