Congressman Biggs: “Contempt” of Congress an Option for Non-Compliant DOJ Andy Biggs (R-Arizona) expressed concerns about the ever growing tension between the DOJ and entities that are supposed to outrank them

Congressman Andy Biggs (R-Arizona) of the House Judiciary Committee appeared on America’s Newsroom Friday morning to stress his concerns about whether or not Inspector General Michael E Horrowitz has enough control over the DOJ in order to declassify the Carter Page FISA documents and other documents pertaining to requests made by the House Oversight Committee.


His comments come after President Trump walked back his intention to declassify these documents after meeting with the DOJ and getting reassurances that they will release them but at a cautious pace as to not trigger negative perceptions about the Russia probe.


Biggs expressed confidence in Horrowitz but also questioned his ability to reign in an out of control DOJ.


“It comes down to the Inspector General who’s a great guy and I’ve come to know him a little bit and I trust him but even he was routed out of the declassification when he was doing his investigation before, so I’m not sure he actually gets to the bottom of it, Biggs said. He went on to say “we need these declassified, we need it done immediately and we need the transparency that will come with that so we can get to the bottom of corruption at the highest levels of our government.”


Biggs alluded to the fact that in order to get the DOJ to comply, enforcement mechanisms such as contempt are on the table. Contempt of Congress is declared in instances where someone refuses to comply with a subpoena issued by a congressional committee or subcommittee or refuses to produce requested documents.


The last time Congress detained or arrested a witness for contempt was in the 30s, as congress began referring such cases to the DOJ in 1935.


When asked what he believes these documents will show Biggs responded: “it’s going to tell us they used a false dossier, they got information they shouldn’t have got to before the FISA court, they got warrants they shouldn’t had and it’s going to show us they abused power for political gain”


You can watch the full interview here