Corbyn Endorsement Scandal: Trump/David Duke Nonsense Repeats Itself

Socialist true-believer Jeremy Corbyn has recently come under fire after receiving a ringing endorsement from the NatSoc website, The Daily Stormer and its impresario, journalist, Andrew Anglin who praised the Labour leader for being “seriously anti-jew.” Many commentators online have risen up to demand that Corbyn “denounce” or “disavow” Anglin and the Stormer and “neo-nazis” more generally. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? It does if one recalls David Duke’s endorsements of Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy this same chant of, “Disavow! Disavow!” this despite the fact that Donald Trump had denounced Dr. Duke as early as 2000 on prime-time television.

The problem with the Trump/Duke contention (not that Duke was saying anything wrong anyways, as far as regarded his support of the candidate) was blindingly obvious: Trump had never made a vow to Duke. Therefore it was impossible for him to disavow anything. This is logically axiomatic, if you do not make a vow to X you cannot disavow it (or rather you can but the gesture is completely empty of meaning). The problem with the ballywhooed Corbyn/Stormer debacle is precisely the same.

Corbyn did not, and has not, made any vow nor pledge to Anglin nor The Daily Stormer and therefore, he has absolutely nothing to disavow. I’m stating this whilst being completely opposed to literally the whole of Corbyn’s platform (not that it is my place, as an American, to tell our friends across the pond how to vote), it isn’t a matter of ideology, it is a matter of causal confusion – politicians CANNOT control who endorses them and thus tying some kind of blame to them such as demands for Corbyn to “disavow” anyone whom he has not made a vow towards, is merely mentally lazy guilt by association.