Council Spends £10,000 of Taxpayer Money on Show Which Included Actor DEFECATING on Stage A Real Sh*t Show

Britain is financially living in an age of austerity: where her GDP/ratio is soaring, the national debt is growing, and public services are underfunded. However, one London council thought of a really shit way–quite literally–to spend public money.


The Croydon Advertiser reports “Taking place from Monday, July 9 to Sunday, July 22, the festival was advertised by the organisers as “a showcase of over 70 artists representing 20 different countries … each responding to the provocation of fractured bodies”.”

The Biennial of International Performance Art and Noise included performers excrete and show off multiple sex toys on stage.


The expense, unsurprisingly, caused an outrage as ‘opposition councillor has accused Croydon Council of “failing the public decency test”’.


In the performance, the artist urinated and defecated on stage after consuming laxatives in order to “allow the body to manifest itself”.


The Croydon Advertiser reports: “During the display, she had a microphone attached to her belly so the sound of her bowel movements could be blared out.”


In another performance called “Demystifying the Anus”, the artist used multiple sex toys, where: “Each sex toy will embrace a different mood, from poignant to playful. The actions and objects are designed to enrapture rather than repel, in an effort to demystify the anus.”


On top of the £10,000 spent by the Croydon Council, Arts Council England donated a further £38,000 towards the art festival.


Art has certainly become *ahem* more expressive over the centuries.






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