Creepy writer for the Powerpuff Girls inserts character of himself as little girl’s love interest

The original Powerpuff Girls is one of the most beloved cartoons from the late 90s. Debuting on Cartoon Network in 1998 it became one of its biggest hits. For those not familiar with it the premise was simple. Three cute little girls fighting against terrifying monsters and kicking ass doing so. There really was no show like that at the time.

6 seasons, a movie and a lot of specials later and they decided to let the show to rest. Until 2016 when they decided to reboot the show. The Powerpuff Girls reboot has received very negative reception for its poor animation, bland characters, less focus on action and obnoxious pop culture references. It’s considered to be one of the worst cartoon reboots and was quickly forgotten as people moved on.

However the reboot has been getting some attention again, but not for good reasons. Someone on the image board website 4chan noticed that a particular character looked an awful lot like one of the writers.

The supporting character Jared Shapiro appears to modeled after Jake Goldman, who is one of the writers of the show. There’s plenty of evidence to go by that this character is meant to be an inserted character made after him. After all not only are their appearances very similar, as well as their names, but Jake himself also voices this character.
So what? Sounds innocent enough. Plenty of characters in fictional media resemble the staff who work on it. Well…
The thing is that one of the main girls in the series, Blossom, has a very strong crush on the character who she just so happens to often fantasize about. Not just in any vanilla childish crush ways but with some pretty sexual imagery as well. For example in one scene he’s depicted half naked sporting abs like a male super model, holding a flustered Blossom.

But that’s not the worst one. In the episode “A Star is Blossom” Blossom and Jared are depicted as the characters from the Phantom of The Opera. And it depicts Jared grabbing Blossom from behind while Blossom and Jared look at each other a little bit too suggestively.

One of the people who has worked on the Powerpuff Girls named Grace Kraft told on Twitter that initially it was not the intention to make a creepy self-insert love interest. He says that staff members of the show are often put into little cameos and Jake Goldman happened to fit the nerdy archetype they were looking for in that characters.

However even he agreed with another twitter user that the depictions are getting creepy and that he finds it odd that the character is brought back that often, when it’s meant to be a cameo.

Do I believe that they’re secretly inserting a pedophilic agenda into a children’s cartoon? Not really, however there are way too many creepy signs here to suggest that this isn’t just some kind of misunderstanding.

Of all the characters that had to have a writer inserted into it it just so happens to be the love interest of one of the main characters, which is a little girl. And it just so happens that he is put in rather creepy suggestive situations with Blossom. And it just so happens that this character is a recurring character, not a cameo. Which even the former worker on the PPG show is weirded out by.

Oh and let’s not forget about the fact that they depicted the Powerpuff Girls basically on drugs and twerking in the episode Painbow. Twerking is defined as a type of dance in which an individual moves in a “sexually provocative manner”
So whether or not the people behind the new PPG are just utterly incompetent or if the writer has some creepy feelings he pushes onto the show Cartoon Network ought to give us an explanation here.

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