Disgraced Twitter Troll William LeGate claims Julian Assange tried to hack him Denies having ties with Media Matters & George Soros

I previously wrote about William LeGate, the notorious Anti-Trump troll who always appeared at the top replies of Trump’s tweets, and how he deleted his twitter account after a complete meltdown when a photoshopped picture of his enlarged nipples went viral under the #Nipplegate hashtag.
He went mostly silent from all social media platforms after that, but recently he made a post on Instagram clarifying some issues regarding the deletion in a FAQ and says that he will be doing an op-ed in a major news publication in a few weeks.
He says that he cannot give details on the reason he deleted his Twitter, but claims that the nipple picture and memes were not the reason. It appears that he has the target of a doxing campaign as he received phone calls and e-mails which have now been turned over to the FBI.
In one of the answers he claims that people have attempted to hack his devices, and accuses Wikileaks founder Julian Assange of being behind some of these attempts, however he has not provided any evidence of this claim. Of course why someone like Assange would focus on a failed entrepreneur who spends his time trolling on Twitter I have no idea.
I tried reaching out to Assange for comment but he did not respond in time of this article’s publishing.
Some other issues that he replied on include claims that he’s associated with Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, extreme left-wing lobbyist group Media Matters and infamous corporate globalist George Soros and also denied using botnets to boost his replies to Trump.

Right now he continues to keep a low profile on social media and his Twitter deleted. He has stated that he will reinstate his account when the time is right. We will likely hear more details in his upcoming op-ed but so far we can only take his allegations with a grain of salt due to the lack of evidence and details in his answers.
Whether or not he does come back to Twitter it’s pretty evident that his reputation has already been tarnished and that he is bait for internet trolls at this point.

You can find his Instragram account at https://www.instagram.com/legate/