DNC Shares PAC money with Terrorists

If you spend any time at all reading your Twitter timeline, or watching the “news” on tv, you know that every day we are flooded with stories from every possible angle. It can be a distraction.  Often times, the stories are fragmented so much that it’s difficult to see even a portion of the big picture.  

 This happens to me a lot, and sometimes, while sifting through the seemingly unrelated fragments, something clicks….and pieces fall together. This is how this particularly sordid tale came to light.

  First, let me provide some context. This story is like a screenplay, and it will only make sense if you, the faithful reader, are familiar with the characters.

  In 1948, the State of Israel was recognized by the United Nations. This kicked off the Arab Israeli war that continued through 1967, when Israel effectively crushed the Arab forces and claimed the West Bank, Sinai Peninsula, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights as their own. The Palestinian Arabs were subsequently pushed out of these settlements.

  The result was an expanded State of Israel, and some very bad blood between the Israelis and Palestinians. The Palestine Liberation 

Organization was formed. This group is the grand daddy of global terror in the middle East. They were responsible for Black September, the Massacre at the Munich Olympic Games, and countless hijackings and murders. 

 From the PLO the world got Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood. These are Hardline jihadist organizations that have committed violence and acts or terror across the globe.

 Here, in the US, there’s a relatively new player on the field. While to my knowledge, this player doesn’t actively commit terrorist acts, it does fund these jihadists.  This player is well-funded, and very,very sneaky.  He sells himself as pro-Israel, fighting for Israeli freedoms, but, there’s no mistaking, it’s a lie. J Street is supporting the jihadist efforts. 

Please, don’t just take my word for it. Take theirs, this is from J Streets own words.  Their goal is to legitimize the jihadist terror organizations and give them sovereignty. This hardly seems pro-Israel to me.

They are well-funded too. IRS filings show that J Street receives over 20% of its funding from George Soros.  

While this is all very intriguing, I admit that to this point, the big picture isn’t very interesting, but hang on…here’s the kicker.  J Street, who actively supports the PLO and Hamas efforts to push Israel out….also donates BIG money to the Democrat Candidates here in the US.

Yes, DNC candidates in both House and Senate races are taking contributions from sources supporting global terror and gross Antisemitism. Check here to see if your candidates on this list.

Lastly, all this ties in tightly with the Iran nuclear deal. You see, there are laws against funding the jihadists. So, J Street and the DNC found a work around. They hand the money over to Non Political Organizations in Iran, which until President Trump nixed the deal and placed sanction in Iran, was legal. Sanctions now make it more difficult to get the terrorists their freshly laundered US cash.  

This is why Soros paid J Street an additional 500,000 dollars to push legislators to pass the Iran Deal. 

Breitbart reported on this back in May of 2016, but all the pieces hadn’t come together yet. You can see that article here

So for all the uproar about collusion, and Russians, finger-pointing about election meddling and misogyny, the DNC has been very casual and quiet about its support of global terror. That’s not the group I’d be voting for in November.


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