“Drug Through the School Screaming”: German Families Seeking Freedom in Russia Police-Enforced, Bizarre, Sex-Ed Classes Cause Many Traditional Western Families to Flee East

Not long ago, citizens of communist Russia and other communist controlled areas in Eastern Europe, fled to the West whenever possible to live their lives and their faith freely.

Today however,  with liberal culturally Marxist dominated governments, courts and society in the West, the tables have strangely turned. Post-soviet Russia has become a destination for families in the West unable to live, work, and worship freely in their homelands.

Conservative Christian Russian society is a safe haven for the Martens family, among others, who were unable to accept the forced immorality of the current German culture. Russian media outlet, Vesti News, interviewed the family recently about their journey East.



The father of the family, Eugeny Martens, is an ethnic German who grew up in Soviet-controlled Siberia. He returned to Germany, during perestroika. A carpenter by trade, he dreams of building a house in Stavropol, Russia.

The large, traditional Martens family lived in Germany for 18 years but ran into trouble when the German government insisted on teaching their children bizarre, sexual things in school.


At one point, their child was drug through the school screaming and crying when she refused to participate in the “sex lessons.” The German courts fined the Martens but when they refused to pay on principle, four police officers arrested the father.

The Martens tried to fight back but found themselves in a system stacked against Christian values and virtues. That is when they decided to move to Stavropol.



Twenty-seven other families have made the same decision and Russia Insider has observed this trend occurring.

For now, the Martens are working on obtaining their citizenship papers and have immersed their children in Russian language courses to prepare them for school.


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