Duke Beats Florida State On Buzzer-Beater From Cam Reddish

David Hookstead | Reporter

Duke beat Florida State Saturday 80-78 in an incredible game.

The Blue Devils went on the road to steal a win from the Seminoles when Cam Reddish hit a game-winning three point shot as the clock expired.

Just how crazy was this shot? Well, FSU apparently thought the best strategy to preserve their 78-77 lead was to leave a guy wide open to take a shot. (RELATED: Duke Basketball Star Zion Williamson Throws Down 360 Dunk Against Clemson)

Yes, I’m being dead serious. They let Reddish take a wide open game winning shot off the inbound pass.

How does that happen? Honestly, how do you let a guy get that wide open and take that shot? It’s just pathetic defense.

Coach K simply was smarter than everybody sitting on the other bench, and that’s why he’s such a legendary coach.

Duke sure does look unstoppable, even when they’re losing in the final seconds.

What a game and what a moment from Reddish. I’m sure that he won’t forget that anytime soon. Finally, Duke’s super dramatic video of the play is pretty funny.

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