East Michigan University To Implement Black Studies Into Every Major Curriculum

Official EMU seal.

According to a recent press release, Black student leaders are being backed by faculty of the University of East Michigan to incorporate black studies into, “Every major.” What is doubly humorous is that the student group acknowledges the ridiculous nature of their campaign in their press release, stating that, “It may be difficult to incorporate black studies into certain natural science majors.” You don’t say? It’s almost as if they realize that the study of mathematics has literally no correlation to Black Studies. However, the Black student group does not stop there and goes on to posit a “10 Point Plan” which would make courses on race, ethnicity and racism mandatory for all members of the student body, this being in addition to the Black Studies courses which will be integrated into every other major course.

At this point you may be wondering just what the integrated Black Studies courses will focus on? Black history and accomplishment perhaps? Nope. According to the student group, the proposed courses would focus primarily upon bias and privilege. But the student group doesn’t stop there and also proposes that all members of faculty and staff be made to undergo “Cultural Competency Training” which will, just like the 10-point plan, be mandatory.

In addition to all of this madness the student group of EMU proposes the creation of so-called “search committees.” These committees would be employment verification groups who would actively seek out black teachers and academics to incorporate into the school staff in an effort to make the black faulty of EMU equal to the black student body.

Whilst this might be mildly striking to readers unfamiliar with the university, those who are familiar with EMU will only note this recent trend as being part for the course. After all, EMU is the same school where athletes, ROTC members and veterans were specifically targeted for male re-education courses designed to show them how traditional masculinity contributes inextricably to sexual assault. To achieve the appropriate amount of thought-tuned, feminized and culturally deracinated males EMU was given a grant for $ 105,112 in an effort to expose men to more, “-healthier, non-violent models of manhood.”

What is truly disconcerting is that EMU is a public university, meaning, of course, that it is primarily funded via national government institutions which are, in turn, footed by you the taxpayer. Therefore, if you are a Michigan local, ask yourself this question – Is this something you are willing to subsidize?