ECU Backs Ossoff as Race To Replace Price Continues

End Citizens United, a political action comittee formed in 2015 and dedicated to combating big money in American politics, has recently decided to pool their energies into making some big bucks themselves. For outsiders who may not be very familiar with the organization this might seem like a rather hypocritical thing to do with many asking, “If you are so dedicated to fighting big money in politics why are you getting into the same game?!” But the cold hard truth of the matter is, to overturn legislature pertaining to the current campaign finance regulations a great deal of money will be needed, not just for court cases, but also to field candidates and spokespersons who can effect change at both the grass roots and congressional levels.

Another charge that has been labeled at End Citizens United is that they are operating just like the thing they so often decry – Super PACs, which can allow potentially unlimited amounts of money to flow into (and sometimes out of) political campaigns. However, this characterization is not entirely accurate, as End Citizens United is only a traditional PAC (political action comittee) with the old hard cap of $5000 dollars per individual donation, which means that they cannot legally act in the same shadowy fashion as many of the super PACs operating today, even if they wanted to.

The group has, as of the first 3 months of the new fiscal year, generated over 4 million US dollars in contributions through their PAC. The administrators of the group, such as Tiffany Muller, state that their projected fiscal pool will increase to $ 35 million by 2018 which is well ahead of the congressional midterms and this is important because End Citizens United is already beginning to field candidates to Congress. The first candidate they have backed for congress is the political newcomer, Jon Ossoff, a Democrat from Georgia. The four million dollars raised will go to Mr. Ossoff in its entirety for a April 18th special election which seeks to fill a congressional void left by the departure of former Republican congressman, Tom Price (who has since left office after being inducted into the Trump Administration as the US Secretary of Health and Human Services).

Donald Trump has since taken to social media to decry the decision stating that Mr. Ossoff would be a, “Disaster,” for congress as he wants to raise taxes. The president also noted that Ossoff was, “Very bad on crime & 2nd A[mendment].”  Only time will tell if Mr. Ossoff’s peers agree with the Commander and Chief’s assessment.