Everything Is Under Control

Deep State is yet another term for the establishment, or NWO, or the swamp. Whatever you want to call the powers that be, they do control nearly every aspect of our lives

We know the effects of fracking are detrimental to the environment, and our health. We know a lot of money is made by fracking, and it’s a fact that big oil lobbyists buy off our elected officials and other members of the government to skew, or outright lie about those facts.

We also know that throughout history, government officials have appeased special interest groups and corporations by going to war under false pretenses. Weapons companies, electronic and tech companies, and oil companies all profit from war with the help of the politicians whose campaigns they’ve funded. In the last decade alone, over one and a half-million civilians have died as a result of wars being fought in lands full of people who do not threaten our “freedom” in any way at all.

Why is it that we can easily spot the cozy relationship between government and special interests in some facets, but not in others? The scary thing is, the “others” are right in front of our faces. They affect us on a more personal/everyday level, and it’s a shame that we have let every aspect of our lives become politicized.


Big oil and the military industrial complex collude to profit off the unwitting, but so does big pharma and our food industry. We know the effects of fracking and the politics behind it, but let’s explore the ties to big pharmaceutical companies.

There are two federal agencies whose members are lobbyists or shareholders in large corporations, and have cushy relationships with the elected officials who appointed them. The FDA and CDC are both intertwined with one another, and have a large impact on our overall health and safety. Employees from pharmaceutical companies move up and on to the CDC, and vice-versa, and the two act as marketing partners for one another. Former head of the CDC last decade, Dr. Julie Gerberding, moved on to a high position with Merck, one of the largest drug companies in the world. Her job there? She’s the new president of the vaccine division. With the help of big pharma-sponsored media outlets, a huge nationwide vaccine push has begun since, and she’s making millions. Big pharma executives also write curriculum for medial school material.

Our media used to consist of hundreds of independent operations. Now, six giant corporations own over 90% of the mainstream media. See below for the list. The media is deeply intertwined with government and corporations. They are used by big pharma to attack doctors who try to tell us the truth about vaccines. Right now, the scapegoats and punching bags for big pharma, Andrew Wakefield and John Walker-Smith have been exonerated of any wrongdoing, but that doesn’t stop the media from slandering them. No data was skewed. That’s why a defamation lawsuit is underway.

The media likes to hype up small outbreaks of harmless diseases. I researched, and wrote about it earlier this year after the huge pandemic at Disney. We live in a land of well over a quarter of a billion people, and folks lost their minds when 100 or so people come down with measles. It was convenient for big pharma, through the media, to scare up into running out and getting vaccines. It turns out that there was no vaccine in this country to fight that strain. It also turns out that some who came down with the measles were ALREADY VACCINATED ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION.

Did you know that big pharma companies are exempt from lawsuits when people die after taking their vaccines? Well…at least in the U.S. In Italy, they admit that some vaccines cause autism in children. On a side note, people in countries who don’t vaccinate as much as the US, or don’t use genetically modified foods from companies like Monsanto, have longer lifespans.

Remember when everyone was up in arms about former Vice President, Dick Cheney, and his ties to Halliburton? Another former member of the Bush administration has ties to the FDA’s cash cow, Monsanto. There is more corruption in the food administration than you can imagine, and Monsanto is at the heart of it. Rumsfeld and Monsanto are responsible for the decline of the quality of food in the world, and we’re paying a major price with our health.

Where do most of you think some cancers, autism, and allergies come from? Out of thin air? Do you think God gives them to us? They’re just a normal occurrence of life? No. Our environment, food, and medicines have been manipulated into unnatural forms that our bodies can’t handle. Rumsfeld’s aspartame, Merck’s Varicella, and Monsanto’s corn all have chemicals in them that our bodies cannot properly digest. It’s as simple as that, but when you’re constantly drilled on a daily basis to not worry about what you ingest, or what the animals you consume ingest, you turn a blind eye.

It happens with weather forecasting. It’s being used to manipulate how we think about the world. In this case, folks are getting rich by skewing data to make us believe we must give even more authority to government to save the planet. Have you noticed a pattern? Only government-funded workers, lobbyists, corporations, and their agencies control the majority of the information we soak in. Truth seekers, independent scientists & doctors, and non-mainstream media outlets are labeled conspiracy theorists and quacks. All we have to do is follow the money.

Education isn’t safe either. Have you noticed every few years or so, curriculum is changing? No Child Left Behind and Common Core have created an incestuous relationship between government and our teachers and students. Lobbyists for publishing companies reap millions off the new books they put out into circulation for the new government-funded education programs. The books are laced with government propaganda which tell child at a young age to obey the authority. It’s now taboo to think politicians are elected to serve the people. Now, we elect our leaders. It’s sickening. With the help of the media, our attention is turned to numbers. Only the new math curriculum is talked about. Who can argue with math? Nobody, and you should feel ashamed for questioning the methods of common core..because math. When these new standards need to be changed, the money will have already been made, new companies will be lining up to profit off the next program, and these fraudulent actions will be forgotten, or never known at all. The United States government outspends every country in the world in education, but the results are lacking. It is the fault of government for not allowing local communities and their teachers to handle the education of their children.

I want to lay the groundwork for you to open up your eyes and minds, and do some research. Learn for yourself. I don’t think 100% of our government, corporations, and other high-ranking members of society are conspiring against us, but where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Just follow the money. It’s not hard to find the truth, but it’s definitely a hard truth to swallow.

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