Ex-NASA engineer admits to partially faking viral ‘glitter bomb’ video

The previous NASA engineer whose “glitter bomb” video went viral earlier within the week admitted it was partially fraudulent.

On Thursday, Mark Rober, who created the video, admitted that a few of the burglars’ responses to the glitter bomb had been faked, however was unaware of that on the time he posted the video.

Rober admitted the fraud in a tweet when he stated he eliminated 1.5 minutes of the unique video after he was “introduced with data that induced me to doubt the veracity of two of the 5 reactions within the video.”

“I put a feeler out for folks prepared to put a bundle on their porch and this particular person (who’s a pal of a pal) volunteered to assist,” Rober wrote in the tweet. “To compensate them for his or her time and willingness to threat placing a bundle on their porch I supplied monetary compensation for any profitable recoveries of the bundle. It seems (and I’ve since confirmed) in these two circumstances, the ‘thieves’ had been really acquaintances of the particular person serving to me.”

The ex-NASA engineer turned YouTube star stated that he was “actually sorry about this” and that though this was his first ever prank video, he “ought to have performed extra” and was “sorry for placing one thing up on my channel that was deceptive,” including he would “take all crucial steps to ensure it gained’t occur once more.”

Rober, who helped design getting used on the Mars Curiosity Rover, stated it took six months to place the particular bundle collectively.


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