Excerpt From a Recent Article on a Great Friend with Additional Remarks by Our Editor-in-Chief The heart of a suburban Marine lives on through charity work

Marine Lance Corporal Phillip E. Frank

When Phil Frank was a teenager, he was always the guy ready to help out any friend who was being attacked by a bully or needed a ride home after her date drank too much at a party.

So after he watched the second plane crash into the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, from just a few thousand yards away, it was only natural that he would feel the urge to go out and join the Marine Corps.

That’s the word from his father, Roy Frank of Elk Grove Village, as the retired salesman explains what was inside the heart of the young war casualty who inspired Roy and his wife, Georgette, to start the Heart of a Marine Foundation.

“We were living in New Jersey on 9/11 and were watching the World Trade Center burn from on top of a sea wall across the river,” Roy said. “I went back to the house. Then Phil came in and said, ‘I don’t know what’s going on but I think I just saw another plane crash into the Trade Center.”

“He wanted to quit school right then and join the Marines,” Georgette Frank said. “But we convinced him to wait until he graduated.”
You can read the rest of the article in the Daily Herald Here.

I have written and spoken about my friend Phil a bit on the site and on my show, The Patriarchy Show. This is because he had a tremendous impact on me. So much so, my youngest son’s middle name is Phillip. I want to take this opportunity to allow our readers to get to know the man who impacted me and by extension this site. You can do that by going to the charity his parents run called The Heart Of A Marine Foundation. If you plan on giving because of the Memorial Day weekend coming up, I suggest taking a look at the site and discovering the amazing person Phil was, the impact he had on people, and the phenomenal work The Heart Of A Marine Foundation does.

The Heart Of A Marine Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides comfort, support, financial assistance, and educational resources to improve the quality of life of military personnel in ALL BRANCHES of the United States Armed Forces, including veterans, and their families.

This picture is from about 15 years ago. That is me with the hat on and Phil being a goofball.

Marine Lance Corporal Phillip E. Frank

Ian Erickson

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