Executive Orders

I read something this morning that has raised my ire. If you’re familiar at all with my work, you know that something I despise is hypocrisy. Yes, as conservatives we witness it daily. We constantly call out the Left for their “do as I say” attitude. This is, however, not what I am worked up about. Conservatives can, and very frequently are, just as hypocritical. Case in point: the Executive Order. We railed and had a fit when BHO effectively made DACA the law of the land by a simple Executive Order. And by right, we should have.

Article Two of the Constitution affords the Executive Branch broad discretionary authority to issue directives in accordance with matters decided by the Legislature. These directives are essentially instructions to the various federal agencies dictating how to apply policy and rule of law to the agencies execution. Executive Orders are not intended to be a means to sidestep the legislative branch to further the President’s agenda. This is why the DACA order was so controversial, and why conservatives were so opposed.

This brings us to the reason I couldn’t fully enjoy my morning coffee.

Conservatives all across social media are cheering on this news like it’s something to celebrate. I couldn’t disagree more.

This is no more than political pandering at it’s worst.

The social media bias issue is a problem far too complicated to solve by a pen stroke on an EO. It is a non-partisan problem that effects every US citizen alike. That the current political climate is such that the problem most effects conservatives is irrelevant. That can easily change with a change in Administration. This is the shortcoming of an EO. With a new President, the EO can be eradicated just as easily as Trump has reversed so many of his predecessors.

There has been a trend in this country that’s quite disturbing. We have judges legislating from the Bench. We have President’s legislating by EO, and we have Legislators too busy fighting for control to do what’s best for the country. We have checks and balances for a reason.

This matter is extremely complex. It deserves a thorough examination, and any lasting change will require a vote through Congress.