Facebook’s Latest Lunacy, You Won’t Believe It! ?

Facebook has been known for shenanigans of late, especially against conservatives, but just when you thought it couldn’t get more ridiculous, it does!

I deactivated my Facebook account in August of 2018. As anyone who has deactivated a Facebook account knows, your account will reactivate and become viewable again if you sign into your account.

My teen son accidentally signed into my account a few nights ago on the family computer. I realized this would have reactivated my account so I hopped over to Facebook to shut it down again.

That’s when I got the Facebook-screen-of-death informing me that my Facebook account, even though it had been inactive for months, was on a three-day suspension because a group I am listed as a moderator on, posted this meme….

I think I belong in a Facebook shenanigans hall of fame. Over the past two years I have been suspended for a post which said simply, “homeschool.”

Another time I was suspended for posting a picture of my face and another time for posting the sentence, “Women shouldn’t have the priesthood.”

They killed my page with over a thousand followers when I posted mainstream media articles which reported how Facebook and others had been tricked by internet trolls into believing the Florida school shooter was a white supremacist.

Ok, we all know, we have to starve the beast. Delete or deactivate your Facebook. Head over to Gab.com or Minds.com and support the companies that support you.