Failed UKIP candidate Waters’ party launches as her supporters denounce UKIP Pledge to work with "friends" across Europe, but intends to "compete" with UKIP

Failed UKIP leadership contender Anne-Marie Waters has launched her new political party, For Britain.

Waters, 40, spoke at a low-key launch where she stated that the party “will work with allies and friends across Europe to bring down the European Union,” but stated last week that the party will be “competing” with UKIP, who have already launched their “OutNow” initiative to help promote Britain’s withdrawal from the EU as soon as possible.

Many of Waters’ supporters for the UKIP leadership have already defected to the new party, including Brian Silvester, a councillor from Rope, Cheshire, who has already boasted to his 16.8k Twitter followers that he is “…the first For Britain Councillor.” Asked on three different occasions by NMC on Twitter if he intends to call a by-election on the seat, Silvester has not responded.

Many of Waters’ fanbase have taken to social media to criticise new UKIP leader Henry Bolton, who said that Waters would have turned the party into “a socialist workers’ party”. They have also criticised former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who spoke out against Waters during the election and said he would have resigned from the party had she won. One Waters supporter on Facebook accused Farage of using Bolton to request Waters be removed from the ballot, and initially asked sixth-placed candidate and fellow MEP Jane Collins to make the request. The accusation has no evidence to support it and has been quashed by associate of Farage, and director of Leave.EU, Andy Wigmore.

“UKIP is an anti-EU party, not an anti-Islam party, demonstrated by the awful General Election campaign (where UKIP proposed a banning of face veils and compulsory checks on female schoolgirls for FGM),” Wigmore told NMC, adding: “It’s good that Anne-Marie Waters has gone off and started her party – good luck to them. If people feel that her single issue is important above everything else then they should join. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to rid UKIP of this extreme view. Waters may have some very valid points about extreme Islam but not all Muslims are bad as she would have you believe. Fight a religion and you will lose.”

The Facebook post that alleged that Nigel Farage asked new UKIP leader Henry Bolton to request Anne-Marie Waters’ exclusion from the leadership ballot. There has been no evidence to support this claim

Wigmore’s stance is similar to that of the new UKIP leader, who stated during an interview with the BBC that: “The party’s constitution is quite clear – we will not be a party of prejudice against any group or individual based on religion, ethnicity or anything else.”

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