Fake News and the Future of American Media

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By Jeremy Heath

Lately it seems that everywhere we turn we are seeing people talk about “fake news” sources and their collective impact on the election. The Left is still nearly foaming at the mouth in outrage over President-Elect Trump’s win, fury which mounts greater by the day given that in short order he will become President Trump. While the protests and riots have calmed down, it should be noted that this is primarily due to the colder weather moving in, and not so much an acceptance of the election results. No, while the real-world protests are experiencing a cold snap, the online world is still a flurry of outrage and triggering.

CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post, and all of their mainstream allies are feeding into the outrage by pushing stories that “fake news” helped President-Elect Trump pull off a ‘surprise upset’ over Hillary Clinton. Democrat leaders are pushing the same narrative, insisting that if not for this one thing, it would be Hillary in the limelight.

The problem is that most Americans already know that the mainstream media is merely the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, and thus we look for our media elsewhere. You, dear reader, have chosen this site as a source for information. If you are anything like most of us here, you don’t limit yourself to only one source.

While The Left embarks upon a jihad to end “fake news” by attacking legitimate news outlets, there is an epidemic that we should be on the look-out for. On Facebook, most of us are in groups with like-minded (or supposed like-minded) individuals. For example, I am a member of a group with over ten thousand members geared towards conservatives. However, looking on the page, I keep seeing the same individuals posting different stories, but always the exact same websites…

One person will continually post about one site, another will post another site, and so on. The headlines are always ‘click bait’ in their structure… “You’ll never believe what so and so said about Trump! What do you think of that?” or “Donald Trump just made a surprise announcement, will voters feel the same way now?”

I’m sure you understand what I am talking about.

I got curious, and I began clicking on these Facebook profiles. Some of them live in Macedonia, Romania, Kosovo…the list of various foreign nations went on and on. Going through their friends list is like a how-to guide on how to hock phlegm.

The point that I am trying to make is this: We have just wrenched ourselves from the grasp of the left-wing propaganda machine, and are looking around with open eyes and open minds – we CANNOT allow ourselves to fall victim to foreign nationals hoping to make money off of American Patriotism and Nationalism.

We CANNOT allow ourselves to become complacent in reading blogs that claim to be news, while the writing is worse than that of a teenage valley girl’s digital diary.

We must police ourselves, and end the profiteering by foreign nationals on Americans seeking information about things in America.

We must, upon discovering that a source is invalid, or merely a clickbait site, warn others and steer them away from it to the best of our abilities.

We must create, support, and frequent AMERICAN media sites and sources that can be verified as reliable amongst our community. (As the late President Reagan said: “Trust, but verify.”)

Then, and only then, may we actually see a return to journalistic integrity in the media ecosystem, and maybe…just maybe, the mainstream media will be shamed into returning to their true purpose: providing news and honest information to the American people.


  • Jeremy Heath