Famous Aquarium Apologizes For Using Racial Terms To Fat-Shame Otter

The Monterey Bay Aquarium apologized Wednesday for utilizing racially charged language in reference to a seemingly obese sea otter.

In an apology that spanned 4 tweets, the California aquarium referenced an earlier put up that featured Abby, a 46-pound otter that lives there. An aquarium employee advised the LA Occasions that Abby has a standard weight and that it was merely an unflattering angle. Nonetheless, Abby appears a bit hefty within the picture.

Beneath it, the aquarium posted the next poem:

Abby is a thicc woman
What an absolute unit
She c h o n okay
Take a look at the dimensions of this girl
One other Internetism !

The tweet was interpreted by many to be an inappropriate use of African-American Vernacular English (AAVE). “Thicc,” in accordance with the highest definition on City Dictionary, is “when an individual has fats in the best locations, creating attractive curves.”

As reported by The Sacramento Bee, a kind of offended was Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, a theoretical physicist on the College of Washington. Her Twitter account has since been made personal, however she was quoted as saying, “I’m sure that @MontereyAq didn’t notice that they have been principally evaluating Black ladies to animals through the use of AAVE developed to speak about Black ladies’s our bodies to explain an animal. However that’s fairly unhealthy, MBA.”

After backlash, the aquarium issued the next apology:

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