Fiscal Amnesia

The ones who suffer from this affliction are indoctrinated students from the public education system and folks who just refuse to learn from history. They also make up part of the group I call suicide voters.

Fiscal Amnesia symptoms include the denial of past policies that created economic growth, the belief that the policies that worked in the past never worked at all and/or will not work again. Some  who suffer from FA have been misinformed to believe that liberal entitlement programs are the path to prosperity, but never realize the path is never-ending. FA victims have been made to believe that higher taxes on those making more than them helps the economy. I have stated many times that liberals run on emotion and not logic. The thought of more distribution of the rich’s earnings is about fairness, and liberals mistake fairness with prosperity.

With the fiscal cliff debate ongoing, you see many politicians on both sides of the aisle helping to spread Fiscal Amnesia. Of course, these politicians are progressives. Establishment progressives on both sides of the aisle want to continue their borrowing and entitlement spending in order to retain power. Our government’s entire leadership is full of progressives, and we won’t see real change in Washington until we vote out progressive liberals and Republicans.

There are people on the right with Fiscal Amnesia, too. Self-proclaimed conservative commentators are eager to report on the Obama administration’s out of control spending; but when past Republican administrations are called out for the same madness, the pundits are quick to change the subject. It’s not helpful. We have to be honest with ourselves if we want to come together to defeat the establishment; otherwise, we’ll continue this spiraling tailspin into a socialist abyss.

Think about the one group of people who are being demonized by progressives on both sides of the aisle. It’s a group of people with a lot of influence. The Tea Party is immune to Fiscal Amnesia. That’s the reason they are being bashed by government propagandists in the mainstream media. The Tea Party is full of fiscal Conservatives and Republicans who see that our country’s poor economic shape is the largest threat to its future.

I always say that one of the biggest of the many annoyances of liberals are their obsession with social issues. If there were more voters and politicians with fiscal responsibility as their number one principle, the country wouldn’t be in such a shape to make us have national debates on entitlement spending, welfare, the 47 percent, and fairness. If more voters and politicians were more keen to the principle of fiscal responsibility, there’d be no arguments about fairness. There’d be no race-baiting, no class warfare, no fake war on women, no need for collective bargaining, and no talks from our President asking us to sacrifice.

I hope we cure FA and fast because we need to help people remember what policies made this country the greatest and what policies will make the country prosperous once again. The best cure is to vote for fiscally conservative public servants and stop supporting networks, politicians, and special interest groups that demonize fiscally responsible citizens. All of us need to come together and make fiscal responsibility our number one goal in order to save the republic; then everything else will fall into place.


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