Fox News falls for Youtube troll posing as Antifa in interview hoax BG Kumbi is a youtuber known for his satirical persona

Fox News recently became the victim of a hoax after an interview with an alleged Antifa activist that turned out to be a well known youtube troll.

Antifa which is short for “Anti-Fascist Action” is a violent far-left resistance group that has become notorious for its use of Black Bloc tactics in which they conceal their identity and go on violent rampages such as committing assault, arson and vandalism. They’ve been frequently seen attempting to assault and mace Trump supporters and other right-wing activists, which in turn has spawned resistance groups on the right and huge fights such as the so called Battle for Berkeley.

Fox News attempted to tap into the recent Antifa craze when reporter Jesse Watters interview what they believed to be an Antifa activist. Instead they fell for a hoax by a youtuber known as BG Kumbi.

BG Kumbi has been on youtube since 2012 and has been known for intentionally baiting various internet communities for years. He became first well known for attacking the website 4chan, claiming to have declared war on them in the name of the controversial meme sharing website 9gag. In other videos he declared war on the largest youtube Pewdiepie. Some of his videos include titles like “I got put in the Special Needs Class because I wore a Trash Bag to School” and “Bernie Sanders tried to rape me”

Troll personas are nothing new on youtube. Coppercab who became famous through the “Gingers do have souls” video and Dillon the Hacker who claimed to have hacked Pewdiepie are examples of youtubers who gained popularity through provocative satirical rants. But none of them has managed to pull a stunt like this.

Before the interview Kumbi made a video declaring himself an Antifa member which was quite obviously meant to satirize Antifa such as when he bragged that he punched a skinhead near a cancer ward. And during the interview Kumbi completely shows his face contrary to Antifas tactic of concealing their identity and has a printed out picture of Karl Marx in the background. He claimed right-wing infiltrators firebombed the Limousine of a Muslim immigrant and called the horse that almost got stabbed by Antifa members a racist Trump supporter.

Kumbi has since posted the interview on his channel getting praise in the comments for the level of trolling that he committed. This hoax seems to once again show the clear gap between mainstream media and internet culture. Either way this has certainly become one of the biggest troll hoaxes since the SJW parody Twitter account Godfrey Elfwick was invited to discuss Star Wars on BBC.