Free Speech Overload: Joey Gibson Would Share Stage with ISIS Joey Gibson AKA Prayer Patriot declares that he would share a stage with ISIS in the name of free speech

San Diego– Joey Gibson, an Oregon based right-winger known for hosting & attending free speech rallies around the country is catching a bit of flak for going too far in his quest for free speech. Gibson runs an organization called Patriot Prayer that’s currently asking for $40 bucks a pop for access to his Freedom Rally in Washington later this month.

During an event in San Diego deemed the “Patriot Picnic” (hosted by an organization called Bordertown Patriots) Gibson made the trip from the north in order to seek meaningful dialogue with the over 700 hundred protesters in attendance. Videos capturing this interaction revealed that La Raza & the protesters weren’t interested in what he had to say, but the event gave way to a more meaningful interaction.

While NMC’s own R.C. Maxwell was filming an episode of his YouTube series “Let’s Talk Politics”, Gibson confronted another personality; Frank “LAWerewolf” over what Gibson described as alt-lite bashing. The cameras were rolling and the interaction didn’t disappoint, watch it below: