George Soros Boosting Funding To Fight Brexit

Photo credit: Olaf Kosinsky/

Breitbart- Globalist billionaire George Soros has decided to boost his support for campaigns against Brexit, which he calls a “tragic mistake”, adding a further £100,000 contribution to pro-remain group Best For Britain after his funding made headlines in the mainstream press.

The enhanced support follows another £400,000 he already gave to Best For Britain, the campaign co-founded by anti-Brexit activist Gina Miller. The money will come in the form of support-matching tied to a crowdfunding campaign for the group which has already hit £50,000, reports The Guardian.

Anti-Brexit supporters have flocked to defend the group in the wake of a report by Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper that open-borders activist Soros had already spent large amounts of money opposing Brexit. In addition to this money, The Guardian reports Soros’s Open Society Foundations have also given £182,000 to the European Movement UK and £35,000 to Scientists for EU, taking the total to near £800,000 spent on anti-Brexit activism.

Best For Britain has been accused of trying to stop Brexit by any means — including toppling the government — and have even been called anti-Democratic by their founder Gina Miller, who has since distanced herself from the organisation.

Following the widespread publicity of his involvement in attempting to halt Brexit, and after years of reporting by Breitbart London on his funding for open borders agitation across Europe, George Soros took the step of issuing a defence of his spending and an attack on Brexit.

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