Happy Independence Day


“The dawn is breaking on an independent United Kingdom”. Those were the words of Nigel Farage at the Brexit party in London after he found out that ‘Remain’ couldn’t win the EU referendum and that soon the United Kingdom would be a free, democratic and independent nation for the first time in nearly 30 years since the Maastricht treaty of 92’ turned the common market into a political union.

Before the vote took place, the option was fairly well accepted across the board that the UK would remain a member of the EU. This had been the case for most of the referendum campaign. This was because the ‘remain’ side had the full power and resources of the political establishment. The establishment had taken every opportunity to rig the election in their favour. They had sent a leaflet around to every household in the country saying why they should vote to remain, this cost the British tax payer £10 million. When the registration website shut down one hour before the deadline the government decided to extend the deadline by two days, this (arguably) was because the majority of people registering to vote in the last few days were from the younger generation who, as a demographic, tend to vote remain. Another dodgy aspect of the campaign were the funders of the Remain campaign. Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan donated £1.5 million between them to the ‘remain’ campaign, this firmly enforced the split in this referendum between big business, big banks, big politics and ordinary working people.

What makes this victory so remarkable is that the ordinary people of the UK were able to topple the political establishment against all the odds. The polls, on the day of voting, were heavily indicating a ‘remain’ vote. The IPSOS MORI poll had ‘remain’ to win with a 10 point lead. Several other polls showed a similar result and shivers went down the spines of the Leave campaign leaders. Just before the polls closed the pound strengthened against the dollar to $1.61, the betting odds had a ‘leave’ vote at 15/1 and Nigel Farage himself had said that from the evidence he’d seen it looked like a the UK would remain a member of the EU.

However, as the first few results can in after the polls had closed, it appeared that the result wasn’t as clear cut as previously expected. Newcastle (said to be a large remain stronghold) narrowly voted remain by 1 point and then Sunderland voted to leave by 22 points. Once this news hit the betting companies and the FOREX market the odds of Brexit went from 15/1 to 1/6 and the pound dropped to its lowest level since 1985. As the results from different regional counting areas came in it was clear that Britain was going to leave the EU.

The point came where ‘remain’ were ‘mathematically eliminated’, to use a phrase from a future president. Nigel Farage realised that the 25 years of his life that he’d given to the cause would not be wasted. He realised that his work and scrutiny of the EU over the last two decades was the sole reason the UK had this referendum! Every Briton that lives or will ever live owes Farage a great debt. He’s saved our great nation, we now have the ability to make our own laws, control our own borders and most crucially elect our own leaders and hold them to account.



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